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Broken shoulder


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The thing with most bone fractures is, they generally don't leave visual evidence, unless the fracture is really bad. At most you will notice bruising. Inability to move the shoulder and high sensitivity to pain are the best indicators, unless you actually touch the area, or get an X-ray.


I broke my foot in two places and you would have never been able to tell, except for the light bruising in the area.

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I broke both clavicles among several other things in a car accident when I was 24. I had horrendous bruising and swelling. And a hell of a lot of pain. I had a hard time raising my arms higher than 90 degrees because it felt like someone was driving an ice pick into my upper chest. The fractures weren't displaced and they weren't compound, so there wasn't anything visual that screamed "BROKEN BONE HERE!!!!!" But boy howdy could you see it on the XRay. If you run a finger over my clavicles there's a very slight bump where the fractures healed.

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