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I'm looking for tutorial


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Thanks A.J. It's pretty complicated(i'm totally newbie in 3d modelling  :shy: ), but at least i know how to do it.


Question number two. How to delete bouncing breasts effect from armor? I tried with deleting breastL and breastR files, but i knew it's too simple to be true  :dodgy:

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3d programs are the only way if you want some control on the model, unfortunately.

Nifskope is powerful but you don't have control on weighting, at least not a visual control. So, same for removing BnB: I never tried via nifskope because the weighting infos are too many (all the vertices) and I feel I will forget something, probably causing some CTD or some bad distortion. So really, it doesn't deserve the effort, I don't think it's a viable solution.

But the concept is much or less what you wrote (assuming that for Breast files you were meaning breast bones): removing the breast weight the armor's breasts won't bounce anymore. But weighting is a bit more "complicated", if you simply remove them your armor mesh can have some distortion as consequence of it.


The easiest solution I suggest is re-weight the mesh via Bone Weight Copy in Blender, using as reference a body which is not affected by BnB. It's a simple operation, even if at start you could feel overwhelmed and not understand some parts, but believe after a while you understand "why" you are doing "what". As I said, if you like to work on models I think it's good if you learn more about it with tutorials, it's not a loss of time believe me. Skyrim for example has different procedures, but the concepts are the same, so when you learn once then you learn forever and only need to understand the few differences  :)

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