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Need feeback on which Enb preset i should release


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Has title says =)

I pulled out my old Glossy Shiny ENB

and i been working on a complete graphic overhaul with totally different ENB presets has well


Id simply like to know what you guys think

i will post a shitload of pictures and videos once they are uplaoded to compare

pics are all mostly taken in the same room same time of day, with different settings




This is my Default Glossy Enb i released already if you wanna test it out http://www.nekomods.com/mods/minous-glossy-enb


heres some pics of it

i use it mainly for sex scenes hehe and it think it looks great outside, but the overspecular looks horrible inside

and on some hair /armors etc etc so i started a new one and it turned into a complete overhaul







i am working on a complete graphic overhaul now

i remade some tree's and water, rocks, grass plants and more =o

Really a complete graphical overhaul with a massive ENB preset running full quality


And so far the ENB Preset that will go with it looks like this, well i dunno... this one or my glossy hmm 

Here's some pics with my totally different Presets to be more realistic / cinematic / fantasy  








i am uploading my vids now will post after


Let me know which one you prefer!  i might try to do a mix of both or if people clearly prefer one over the other well =o


Some gifs


Glossy ENB one



New Preset one








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yesh =p

if i can figure out wth i screwed up today to end up with a neck seam on all my chars =x

either i generated a bad facegeom or i installed some more sex mods with, for the first time actually modding my males to look better might be that =x


but the companion Nekochan, that will come with my race will have her own body since without resizing that body breasts to 0.70 they look too soft and out of place on npc's

She will still have a petit body with exagerated hips and breasts but will make it firmer more fantasic


Buuut i included her in my mod and some people will either really dislike or reallly love the mod because of her

Mainly based on Miria

 by default she automatically runs to you and heals you without being in your group but always around

So she will ALWAYS be with you

If you actually invite her in your group, she stops healing and fights with normal lunari stats

well normal.. i hate to have my cuties die so they always a bit stronger

But ya cannot get rid of her unless told to wait somewhere =o

i have her 24/7 with me and for skyrim unlike New Vegas i am going to think about myself first since modding has been taking way too much of my time to please people with them being ungrateful, QQ and simply being unpopular mods in the end.., making it unenjoyable for me modding 60 hours + a week with no incomes

and New Vegas was actually such a waste of my time...

i release a tiny simple quick sweaty skin mod for skyrim and it got more downloads then my 20 NV armors =x *that i might convert*

and i lost my Website Database in a crash so lost everything i been coding for 2 month ..and this and that need a job AAARG nuu

so slowing modding a bit but its coming ! =P


But yaaa Shes Kawaiii !  other then the Facetint i cannot make work...

She is a mini clone of me, 

i will have Wigs Package done tomorow, well its already done but i want to test it now and go do some dance videos with it =o

since those vids and my site needs views ! Yesh yesh

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..no matter what my glossy enb like wow a 10 min video same quality with this enb is around 4-500megs

if i pop out my new full out specs one the vids would be around 2 gig

and also while recording with new enb i drop to 15-20 fps and with my glossy i drop to 30-40 so it doesnt spike has much

both are fine without recording but ya hmmm which one !!??


The meshes and textures are all finished now its only matter of what enb i attach with it O_o

Here a vid with my glossy enb

Warning its a sex video http://www.nekomods.com/videogallery/nekochan-sucking-me-1


ill make another with the full out realistic one

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