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So Bodyslide doesn't work with HDT?


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So I've been looking into getting HDT stuff for my next playthrough, and I very much wanted to use the Kurumi Physics dress (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40568/?), but it simply isn't curvy enough for my liking. But from bits and pieces of discussions on the topic I've managed to pick up, it seems trying to use Outfit Studio to make these kinds of clothes work in Bodyslide is a far more complicated process than first assumed? Is that right? Has anyone been able to work out the steps needed to make them compatible, if so?



Hmm, on the other hand, poking around in the nif for the dress shows me that the top of the outfit is separate from the skirt portions... is there some way I can make edits only to that part and splice it together with the HDT skirt?

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Hmm, well, I suppose this was a case of miscommunication? I don't see any way to get clothing with their own bones for HDT physics, such as the test skirts, to work with Bodyslide. The extra bones are simply ignored and they don't export properly, like I read in other topics.

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Hmm, well, all I wanted to do is increase the volume of the back part of the HDT test skirts a bit, since they clip through the butt of other bodies like CT77. But I don't even know how to export a functional mesh, with those.

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Hmm... getting bits and bobs of info here and there that suggest it could copy HDT weights... but I'm completely at a loss as to how... Probably approaching this completely wrong, but the skirts seem to have all these other bones that Outfit Studio can't read because they're not part of XPMSE? And I'm not sure how I'd copy the HDT weights even if I could find them, either...

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Yup, you're going to have problems loading NIFs in Outfit Studio whose bones aren't in XPMSE 2. Sadly there's no direct fix for this, except for removing the bones before edit and adding them afterwards again manually.


The best available CBBE type body for HDT is "CBBE Body HDT" from CBBE v3.3 or BodySlide v2.1a currently, together with XPMSE 2.

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Hmm. So I'd need to learn Blender or something to make customized HDT stuff dealing with those bones? Dang.


Blender can't do HDT (well it can but it's a long painful route)


My maxscript coming out soon might get you out of this bind though.

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what if he uses nifskope, delete the skirts, then use the remaining bodice as an outfit studio conversion template. then make that bodice to the size he wants and export that, then use nifskope again to re-attach the skirts from the original? surely bodysliding the skirt is not actually necessary? and other pieces of the outfit aren't using physics so you can do those as normal, right?

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Well, in regards to the outfit I mentioned from the first post it seems it's not actually physics-supported? There's no HDT xml included with it, and the bones in the skirt don't look like the other HDT nifs I've seen - I don't know if it just wasn't made correctly, or what. I had the thought of just splitting the thing into two separately equipped pieces doing what you described, but that's pointless if it doesn't even have physics in the end. (Also it had some kind of bizarre issue where the textures would appear all black unless skeleton_female.hkx was deleted)

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i understand what you are trying to do and i am trying to do the same thing.  but alas, many people dont seem to understand what i and now you are trying to get at.  i have experimented with this a bit and have sent off some pms and whatnot.  what i have learned is this:


let me first clarify to the readers the difference in the term HDT as it applies to what you want.  most people see "HDT" and think "oh, breast and butt jiggle."  but there is more to it than that.  HDT hair is sofa king awsome.  and it works for almost any body shape because all the heads are the same size. there there are HDT cloaks and capes.  these work for most because necks and shoulders tend to vary only slightly in size.  then there are things like skirts, dresses, and other items that attach to body parts that may differ wildly in size and shape.


mudd and i are interested in the latter items.


how they work, well...  all HDT stuff, really, is by adding physics calculations to constraints and rigid bodies that are attached to additional BONES.  the breast and butt jiggle is everywhere and works with BS2 because the reference skeletons all have those bones installed.  hair is a non issue and it doesn't go through BS.  but things like capes, skirts, loincloths and other flappity bits DON'T work in BS2 because the reference skeleton does not have those bones.  most of those items are set at a fixed weight.  sort of a one size fits all thing.  which is why they always seem to have clipping issues.


from what i understand, in order for outfit studio to be able to create sliders for an outfit with HDT, the bones that give the outfit its physics need to be present in the BS2 reference skeleton.  i was able to add the extra bones for an armor i was working on to a copy of the BS2 reference skeleton. outfit studio worked great.  the bone references were not ignored (what usually happens) because the extra bones for the outfit were actually present in the reference.  there were additional issues after that point because i definitely do NOT klnow how t6o create a working skeleton for skyrim.  it seems there are all kinds of additional things that must be done to get the skelly to work.


but, in the end, it all comes down to the BS2 reference skeleton; which is easy enough to change.  BS2 has a config file where you can set the skeleton to use as its reference.  i have asked a couple different times for info on how to correctly edit a skeleton or for a tutorial, but no one has responded.


so, find out how to edit the skeleton, and you will be able to get that skirt to pass through outfit studio and look awesome on whatever body you choose.

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For the love of oranges.


If all you want are sliders for HDT'd meshes.

In nifskope, open your nif and export it to OBJ, load that into OS


remove the skinning from the nif itself, save as a copy and load it into OS to generate the BSD files (since they are just vertex diffs)


you can use my Maxscript to generate all that for you straight from 3dsMax.


NONE of the above solutions will get around the problem that you did in fact alter your meshes, and therefore you would have to edit the havok constraints and physics values as well for those changed proportions. So in effect yea your going to get clipping in the HDT.


Stop trying to edit skeletons and waste your time.

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Little Tip HDTBodies will not work with Latest XPMSE because HDT Bodies are not compatible and they never will be so don't use XPMSE 2.06

Use XPMSE 1.93 with HDTBodies because They are compatible


He says right on the Nexus site that the 2.06 is compatible only with HDT it does not use T/BBP animations.

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