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SKSE Issue


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Updated SKSE to 1.7.1 and suddenly when I load Skyrim, the game cannot tell SKSE is installed and basically 3/4 of the mods I have just shut down. Tried reversing this- reverting back to the version I had before, and it is still doing it. SKSE is just not being recognized at all. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?


Previously, SKSE launcher put me directly into the game, but now its launching into the default Skyrim launcher too.

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Where on earth would I get one of those? The installer didn't place one, and a quick search of my PC brought back no sks.ini file extant anywhere at all.


Don't use the installer.


ALWAYS download the zip file and manually place, guarantee you that will most likely fix your problem.

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I have on two occasions had Mod Organizer crash, and both times it did, it lost the executables for SKSE.

rebooting the system and manually reinstalling SKSE worked. (the skse.ini in Data\skse had to be recreated as well)


The explanation given to others experiencing that particular crash was that all the files get relocated in virtual filesystem and some were lost when it crashed. Evidently, that bug has been fixed.


The only other time I've heard about something like this, the antivirus was quarantining the executables. Check that as well.

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You are correct but heres the thing skse 1.7x has ssme loaded in it just needs to be enabled via a skse.ini file you need to create. Heres my settings all you need to do is create a new txt doc with the .ini extension and place it in your data->skse folder. Do not run ssme with it issues will crop up. And I know 1.7.1 works just fine with its built in ssme only crashes I get is the occasional save crash or if i do something stupid.


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