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Skeleton Issue

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I am missing the feet of any character that equips any version of slave boots. I'm also missing the collar portion of any version of the slave harness.


I use DD, DD expansion, and CD.


The skeleton issue seems to revolve around SoS and the version of XPMS skeleton that can be found on LL. I also use Realistic Ragdolls and Force; one of my mods requires it, and I like it anyway.


At one point I had all of these mods working together perfectly, but I forgot the process by which I installed them to make them work together.


One important note: the SoS MCM claims there is no SoS compatible skeleton, even though I use the one that has SoS support.


I think this may be an installation order and overwrite issue.


Thanks, folks.

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You neglect to tell us a few details.

Like are you using the vanilla races or a custom race(Ningheim, Lunari, Lovergirl, ygNord, Demonica, Succubus, Ashen or what have you)

They all tend to include their own version of the vanilla skeleton, which of course don't work all that well. And will require to manually install the proper skeleton in it's install area.


As for not having the High Heels Mod, it would CTD when starting the game.


You need to install the version of Device Devices Assets as the body mesh you are using. The Installer will install CBBE or UNPB, if you use anything else, they also won't work well. Search the forums of Downloads- Adult Sex Mods for the body type you actually have. Several people have released versions of the assets for 7B, UNP, UNPC etc.


Hope that helped.

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