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Anyone Interested in a Player/Follower House Project?


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I'm hoping someone will take this idea and run with it.  I would but I have too many irons in the fire at the moment. Please take it and run with it


I love followers and download just about all of them.  I need someplace for them to congregate after I find them. So these are my ideas.


1. Working names: Home for Wayward Girls or Followers Guild Hall

2. Support for a large number of followers, at least 60.

3. Roman styled (use Solitude architecture) rectangular shaped with inner courtyard that contains a large pool and is open to the outdoors; forge, smelter, etc. It should be bright, open, and airy. Near water if possible and a waterfall. NPCs shed their clothes when entering the pool (look at the Body Types mod on Nexus for triggers).

4. Bed for each follower and master bed for player

5. Chest that sells loot when you drop it in or a Vendor with a lot of money

6. Bar area with working bartender

7. All shrines

8. Armory with plenty of space for weapons, shields, mannequins for armor, etc

9. Painting/drapes on the walls like the Underground Bathhouse

10. Located in a very scenic area (not snowy) so you can see mountains, skies, etc when in the courtyard

11. Fully navmeshed

12. Maybe a small quest to get the key

13. Possibly stables with extra horses

14. No mob spawns in the courtyard.  This is a big pet peeve of mine with the Falkreath home expansions



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The one aspect I would love in a player home that supports many followers is something like bathing beauties house did. You could talk to a follower or npc and tell them they can live at your home without the need for an external home designator like My Home is Your Home, or AFT's built in "relax around here for a while"

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