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Feet, Foot, and Socks request


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Hi all, I've been looking for some time and can't seem to locate the items I've been searching for.


Firstly, I'm looking for sock or shoe/boot items that don't cover the toes/front half of the foot, and maybe not covering the heel either.

What this looks like is if you were to cut off the front of your sock to about the middle of your foot and then cut the heel part out too, just leaving enough fabric at the arch of the foot to hold the sock/shoe on. *google search toeless socks and you get something close*


I imagine there were a good number of foot fetish people out there, statistically speaking there should be, so I was suprised at how few of these I could find...none.


*the heel part is optional but toes need to be revealed. Any help finding or sharing these mods would be great.


btw, if you know of any good sock mods out there let me know please :) esp. if they are stipped.



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