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Dark Investigations questions


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I have heard a few comments here and there about the Dark Investigations quest mod, and I had a few questions for anyone who has used it recently. One of the requirements is SexiS (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15205-sexis-sex-in-skyrim-alpha-inactive/), an inactive mod. Another requirement is a mesh. Is the mod still good to run? What about the SexiS requirement? Has anyone used it recently?


Another question: why would the author not upload the mod here? It only appears in a blogspot page. 

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Use it to run Dark Investigation, but should turn it off when you are playing a "normal" game. Hope you are using Mod Organizer so it is easy to activate and deactivate it.


I would say keep Dark Investigation on a different save

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I was not around then, but I'm pretty sure the author of Dark Investigations had some sort've falling out with someone here, and took the mod down and moved it to the blog where it is now. The thread is still here, but it's been renamed to something like "..." so you wouldn't know what it was unless specifically searching for it.


About Sexis, follow afa's advice. It's way out of date and not supported at all, so keep it completely separate from Sexlab mods. If you're using Mod Organizer, this is easy since you can setup multiple mod profiles, but otherwise it can be tough to switch back and forth.

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Aye it is a good mod, and for Skyrim there are few like it. Not sure if u have Oblivion but there are a few mods for that which compare (galgats work, and Asthai made xLovers Dark Lessons which was never finished) But hey, if your like me u find Oblivion hard to go back now with the superior lookiing bodies =/. Only reason I go back to Oblivion is the superior story based quest mods. But im sure they will come =)

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