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Bodyslide question


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As the title says, I have a question about the Bodyslide program. 

I looked on the Nexus page and it seems like its character creator delux. Is this true? I also understand its pretty close tied with a bodymod but it says you can use any bodymod (vanilla user here). So what does it do and is it worth to use if you don't have a bodymod?

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Why people ask if they should use a mod before actually trying it out or reading comments on the mod page is beyond me but I'll answer your questions.


1. The stuff packaged with Bodyslide is based off of CBBE, meaning that if you want to use bodyslide currently, your going to have to install at the least CBBE based textures for the body. (Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL AN ACTUAL BODY REPLACER MOD)


2. Yes, you can use any body mod and if you want to use 'Outfit Studio' you can actually make outfit conversions for other body mods. There are some guides for this process here on LL


3. What 'BODYSLIDE' does. You can configure a body using a some sliders to shape a female body to your liking. the limitation is the amount of sliders. There are add-ons and other versions of models that extend Bodyslide. Stuffed Bunny has a UNP Bodyslide (for use with UNP textures), I have HDT body, which is basically normal CBBE with some more sliders (it's outdated though). There's even a male version floating around somewhere on this forum.


'Is it worth using if you don't have a bodymod' -> I will interpret this questions as:

'I like vanilla bodies, and do not want to change them. I also have no need for trying to match outfits or use custom armours and stuff or in general play dress up in my skyrim'


In which case your answer will be no.

Otherwise download it, try it out and see for yourself.

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Its pretty much character creator delux, r-right?





No, not yet.

Well you'll see when you try it out.

Then you can hop on over to try Project CITRUS out. (that's more the character creator deluxe you speak of)



I just really like spoilers too.



Lol, You thought I was trying to trick you. But nope Nothing here.

I warned you, I like spoilers :)








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