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What is ENB? Should I get it? Is there a step by step guide for it?

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Title says it all. I see many people using ENB.

What exactly is it and is there are step by step guide to install it?


Also, will it fry my graphic card? :s

First: google?

Second: how should we know that?



I know it's to make Skyrim look better but what else is there to it? I mean I see different variants of it, what's with that?


And I could not find a installation guide for it.

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ENB's can push your graphics cards to the limit or can increase the speed of your game, depending on your settings. for example. My old GPU, (ati radeon hd 5770) couldent handle skyrim with no mods and projectENB but my new GPU (geforce gtx 780 ti ghz ed) can run them with soem truly massive textures without breaking a sweat.

One one hand, if you want to have the best looking skyrim possible, you need one, on the other they increase the chance even further of skyrim crashing.

Below are two examples of pictures taken with ENB's, Its easy to see how they eat your GPU alive.



Perfecting an ENB is something that can take you a long time to do, I installed mine in February and im still at it. Without knowing what GPU you have all i can say is install one and try it. 

1. Click this link: http://enbdev.com/download_mod_tesskyrim.htm

2. click 2.54

3. scroll to the bottom and click the arrow next to download

4. Extract into your skyrim folder where the launcher is

5. (optional) pick an ENB preset from Nexus. I use a Modified version of Project ENB.

6. load up skse and you should be good to go, Press shift-enter to adjust the settings in game. It can seem a bit daunting at first but dont be afraid to play around with the settings. i dont belive its possible to kill your skyrim doing it.

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