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Weird neck color issue in Sevenbase

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So I recently decided to give the Sevenbase body a go, and also went full-on crazy and added HDT stuff and all that. The physics parts all seem to be working correctly, and I generally like the way the body looks. However, there is a problem.


At first, all my characters had a very noticeable neck seam, but I was able to clear that up... I believe I was mixing different mods where the meshes didn't line up, but it was late and honestly I'm sorta fuzzy on the whole thing. Anyways! The huge seam is gone, but I still have a small seam, and even worse is that I got this very disturbing issue with neck coloration.


Picture included down below. It looks to my untrained eye that the head and body colors are preeeetty close if not perfect, but the real problem is that the neck color doesn't match either the body *or* the head, and is this weird, kinda gross color. I've tried all the texture files I could find such as SG, Milk Drinker, Mature skin, Women of Skyrim, etc but every one of them has the issue to a varying degree.


What did I do wrong?


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First make sure you have all the files for the body and head. it will be labeled like, femalehead.dds, femalehead_msn.dds, femalehead_s.dds, femalehead_sk.dds. You'll need the same 4 files for femalebody_1, and femalehands_1.


The entire base body will have 12 files total for body hands and feet.


What it looks like to me is that you have a head texture that doesn't match whatever body texture you're using. Some of those can be sneaky, like cover women, XCE, and a number of others have body or face texture mods in their files. When you're installing textures together you need to make sure it's for the right body type. CBBE, Lady Body, and UNP based bodies all have specific textures made for them that do not work with the wrong body type.


Also if you're mixing and matching the different texture file types, dds, msn.dds, s.dds, sk.dds, make sure that you're using the same file type for body and head. i.e. Real girls, .dds, s.dds, sk.dds for head and body. Women of Skyrim  msn.dds for head and body. 


I tried mixing and matching different file types to come to a body I liked in the end. A modified realgirls.dds, Dimonized unp, s.dds and sk.dds, and women of skyrim msn.dds.


Finally load the body textures absolutely last. Especially if you're using Nexus Mod Manager and not Mod Organizer.


Hope that helps, and if any of the wiser heads in the group notice an error in what I've said please correct me.

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First, thank you for the response!


I'm using Mod Organizer, so switching between things is fairly painless other than having to start up the game each time to test it out. Since my original post, I went ahead and tried  switching to the UNPB body, and had the exact same issues, so it's not a problem necessarily with Sevenbase. 7B doesn't seem to come with all those .dds files, but UNPB definitely does, and I still had the weird neck coloration issues. If I switch back to CBBE on the same character, the seams are gone and she looks near-perfect.


Below is a comparison on the same character, first with UNP then CBBE.





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