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Skyrim texture bugs


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So i got a problem ,  i didnt have this problem before, then i installed some clothing mods. And these texture problems happened. Which never happened with this clothing. I even did a fresh reinstall, and somehow they still exist. Can someone help?

The heel feet textures are off. The hands are constatly a different texture. And there seems to be a small detachment between the arm and the palm. Also the hips are seaming between somehow.


Also i am using the CBBE body type. The clothing mods are also were downloaded as said to be cbbe compatible.


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If you are not seeing this when the character is completely naked then it's almost certainly a problem with the clothing mod. It may not be entirely compatible with your particular version of the body or the clothing modder may have accidentally left additional nodes in the nifs that are overriding your body/texture mods.

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Yes, try the hand mod bazaba suggested and see if it makes a difference (and if doesn't - no harm).


The most obvious cause for the wrong hand texture is that the body texture did not come with a hand texture to match the body or another mod is applying a different hand texture. If you are using a separate texture mod for the body try reinstalling it and allowing it to overwrite everything. Failing that try reinstalling the body mod and let it overwrite all texture files.

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yeah i tried the hand mod, also i found a feet mod, both came with cbbe compatible textures. But still it went the same, i also tried reinstalling the cbbe body mod completely . But i dont understand why i am getting the different hand textures. I downloaded the latest cbbe body mod. I am also using XP32 Maximum skeleton mod, but i tried reinstalling it too. But i doubt that the skeleton is giving problems. Also i just tried to look at how the model looks nude. And i just saw that the heels  dont disrupt the textures, but also the feet and hands are different textures.



EDIT: Ok so i tried uninstalling the cbbe body, and adding a non curvy body , which to my knowledge is just smaller boobs.


So it seemed to have fixed the problem only the seaming remains there is still a line noticable between the leg and foot, also between the arm and wrist.



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Well, the feet and hand texture gap is either a small fault on the part of the textures, or a very very very tiny gap between the meshes themselves.  If it's the former, you could try a different cbbe texture set and the seam may vanish.  If it's the latter, about all you can do is make sure the feet and hands are the ones meant for that version of the mesh (or you can look at them in blender/max if you have that capability).


Of course, it may also just be the nature of the beast having two meshes that each use a different texture trying to perfectly come together.

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