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[Request] Searching for Berserk Mod


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Ok guys, I have a fairly unusual request. Anyone able to find any mod on Berserk, please post it here, or at least a link to the thread that talks about it.

My dream is to see the Bersek armor, not only as an aesthetic object, but maybe with special enchantments, in line with the manga.

It would be great.

Here are some pictures to understand what I'm talking about.




Here is all what is posted by now.




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The same guy has also worked on Casca and her armor:



Here are five sword variations - my favorite being the top two:







Here's a knife:



Here's Berserk main menu replacement music I made (3 choices of music):



As far as sounds and other Berserk tributes, I intend to work on stuff once the CK comes out. Keep an eye out for future Nexus content from Phate3, content from Bagserk, and as for me, I post my stuff on LoversLab (and Nexus if they allow it, but that rarely happens, lol).

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