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  1. I think it's easier to open the textures in Photoshop or Gimp (using a .dds plugin) and manually edit them
  2. Look up CCC by Room207, great compilation of so many amazing hairs.
  3. It's OZBT Neato Hair, let me see if I can find a link.
  4. Quemon

    Replacing Vanilla Hair

    I think both ways should work, but using CS can prevent some mistakes (i.e. linking wrong textures). Tri files are not necessary for hairmeshes (I've tried generating some tri files and using the hair mesh with and without them), however if a mesh has both files, just copy all of them. If i am not mistaken, .tri files are for the "length" slider
  5. I think first is EVYhead with high rez FFrace textures.
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for a file called "ff_raceTW.7z", It's a modification of the original FF race. It's not available on the internet anymore so I hope someone still has it. I'm also looking for some aion rips from a mod project called "Project DKNC" Oh, and I have been searching everywhere for custom face textures for FFrace and Evy, but I can only find tons of Moonshadow ones.
  7. could you pm the file please? ALSO: Can any of you identify the textures etc? http://archive.4chon.net/edu/8387/src_1342403345200.jpg I know i may be ZEUNY race, REN STRANGER or very edited MOONSHADOW but i'm sure there are alt. textures
  8. It really looks like it but the one from the picture is without gloos and with a darker skin (default evy skin is pretty white)
  9. I'm looking for some mods: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/images/130596/? - The second left armor and second right face texture (I know it's Evy Retexture) http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/images/125902/? - Middle armor, i know it's from ACB
  10. Quemon


    Infra Angelos, latin for killer of angels. Because it's deadra-ish
  11. Quemon


    Some people really WANT to share but they respect other modders credit policy ..
  12. Quemon

    Which ENB do you use?

    I think many people who love colours would like this. I however, like the more 'moody' enb's like Winterhearth, Bleak, etc. Love the effects tho!
  13. Quemon

    If you lived in Tamriel...

    I guess family member of one of the Thalmor or Empire. Money and a smaller chance to die quick.
  14. N.. Norn? Is that you Guild Wars?!