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Cannot launch FOMM.


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 Not sure what I am missing here but I cannot get any version of FOMM to respond at all. I've searched and found that NMM screws things up so I have uninstalled it taking speacial care to delete the install info from the C:/Games/FalloutNV directory but the program still won't launch. I don't even get an error message at all and with the task manager open I never see it begin to start its processes. 


 At a loss here. I've seen people mention Microsoft's .Net framework but I don't want to go messing with that blindly when I've never done a reinstall of that, the nightmares I've had reinstalling all my games recently has made me paranoid. 

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 I have been trying to use Prideslayer's build, yes. Oddly enough I tried the installer version over at nexus for the hell of it and once installed I can launch the program right there and then. After the initial instalation though it goes back to the same thing with never launching. I siezed the moment and got everything installed that needs fomm but I don't like leaving it like this. It seems if I run the installer again I can use the program but that can't be good in practice. I guess I'll see if everything with sexout is working for the time being and think about it later. 

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