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Advice needed...


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Greetings all! ;)



Have looked at this site in the past before but figured, hey i have a crap computer so this is NOT for me (as in possible that is)! All that changed about a few days (and sleepless nights ago) since i did get it to work and having a blast with it!


Now to clarify, i am not in to anything rape oriënted (at all) but more in to the immersive side of things, so anything closely resembling the actual game world which is Skyrim!


What i need help with you wonder? Still trying to find a simple mod that adds pristitution to the game world however not the one i read about that actually provides the options to become one yourself, or even a pimp for that matter!


Got the animations set up and all that works pretty well even on my aging system but i simply do not really like mods that let you have sex just like that, like me a bit of effort and story to it myself! :D



Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! :)

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What i need help with you wonder? Still trying to find a simple mod that adds pristitution to the game world however not the one i read about that actually provides the options to become one yourself, or even a pimp for that matter!


Try this one from the nexus.


Only female characters can prostitute themselves. Male characters can "recruit" female NPCs to work for them. Read the spoilers for details.


It's not as elaborate as the plugins for Sexlab; but it works nicely, and has no big impact on your machine.

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Sexlab Aroused suits well too

it Sneaks itself into Skyrim firmly, giving your character an Arousal level. dependent how long you haven't had Sex your level will rise then hit a point where you get penalties like 5% less efficient in gaining levels .

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Thanks for the tips! :)


I am just a bit concerned that certain mods change my game into one huge g*ngb*ng that's all! I would not mind seeing to NPC's having sex after i sneak into their home but i do not want to see people everywhere doing it!


Does that nexus mod work with sexlab so it does show the sexual animations when visiting a working girl/guy?

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Only mod I can think of that would turn things into a literal clusterf*ck would be Random Sex mod.  Also, Nexus isn't too keep on Sexlab, so they don't host anything with apparent relationship with it, as far as I know.  Looking at the mod's page, it probably does show animations, but I'd doubt it would have as large a selection as SL.  Radiant Prostitution Tweaked makes use of SL's large amount of animations and sets all female NPCs wearing tavern clothes to be prostitutes, so that's another one you may consider looking into.  It does feature player prostitution, but it's easy enough to avoid, just don't ask innkeepers if you can whore yourself out in their tavern.  You can also more or less configure when prostitutes work, how frequently they'll be approached, standard price and so on with MCM.


Also, Submit is a handy all-round mod.  Gives persuasion topics with NPCs for initiating consensual sex, and has combat sex (rape), but as you mentioned you're not into that.  Luckily, you can turn off and on any of the mod's various features, so it's a handy one to just set up what you want in your game.


Not sure what impact they'll have on your system, they've always run fine for me and my laptop's practically powered via potato battery.

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All seems to run pretty well on my old comp, amazing never expected that! :D


Still i cannot find or see animations that show a NPC masturbating, would be fun to walk in on someone, just like spouses having sex hahaha immersion FTW! :P

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I'm back!!!!


Well not to worry i shall behave as best as i can! ;) PC died on me some time ago and now i have to completely start over with everything, been downloading regular mods the past two days and night *sigh* but have no clue how i got SexLab to work in the first place when i discovered it some time ago pffft!


Still need to DL all this but any advice would be appreciated (again)!

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General advice:


> get Mod Organizer

> learn the basics of it

> get Sexlab and all plug-ins you desire (skeleton, FNIS, male & female models)

> watch and enjoy


Best to start a new character, at least for testing. Besides that, it would be best to post what's causing trouble. And, of course, welcome back.


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The trouble is i can't seem to remember how to get all that i had on my old PC hahaha! :D


And for some reason Skyrim looks horrible right now eventhough i have a brand new comp which can do much much more where settings are concerned. Guess it will take me weeks to get it to work properly... :/

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The trouble is i can't seem to remember how to get all that i had on my old PC hahaha! :D


And for some reason Skyrim looks horrible right now eventhough i have a brand new comp which can do much much more where settings are concerned. Guess it will take me weeks to get it to work properly... :/


Nonsense. It only takes a couple of hours to get a nice looking Skyrim when starting from 0. I'll extend my advice:


- get a Nexus account

- check the "Real Vision ENB" guide (there is probably no better guide on how to create a good looking Skyrim, including further advice on mods)

- get Mod Organizer,

- go from here, as stated above


If you still got you save games from "before", the mod organizer shows you what ESP's are missing, compared to your current setup. Most times, that gives you a clue on what mods you still need. If you still want them.


If you want to continue an old save, but are willing to play without content you had running earlier, it is always a good idea to get the "Skyrim Save game tool" from the nexus. Very handy mod that cleans your savegame of unwanted data residue.


Honestly, go for the mod organizer. The Nexus mod manager is fine, too. But MO has so much more potential - plus it gives you a good understanding on where you can optimize your settings.


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AHA beat ya to it Swift! :P


Took me a bit longer than what you said though (i may still look good but 'ol age is beginning to catch up on me)!


But through NMM i was able to get many of the mods back i used before so that was great, adding numerous new or better ones took me a little longer but still right now i am pretty happy and on my way to a good working game experience yet again, only this time...with much better graphics hehe! ;)


Now all that remains is finding a male body replacer, used the 4UDIKS on my old PC but i am not sure if i still want that one. Never really got it to work properly so after slaying and looting all i saw were naked and erect fallen enemies everywhere (so much for some realism and immersion)! :D Not really keen on the whole SoS thing to be honest eventhough i have never tried it. Was thinking about the light version though but i have no idear if it looks like 4UDIKs which i did like where looks were concerned! So any insight in that would be appreciated!


Now where i am right now all i need is that male body replacer ("sword"included i guess) and start downloading SexLab and the mods i've used before which unfortunately i cannot seem to remember either pffft!



Tested the game a bit but noticed that it's still overly bright during the day, in fact it looks like intense HDR or something. Wouldn't mind a more warmer colors to basically everything but i am unsure how to fix that!




FNIS updated and noticed that it was reading SexLab as well...so far so good i guess!


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As for a male replacer: go for a mod combo called SAM. I don't have a download link (page is called something like Lady Moira), but the user Ixum has a mod here, on the DL section, for additional pubic hairs. There should be a link to the original mod. Why go for SAM? It's basically like SOS (since Vectorplus made it - how also worked on SOS), but it has more features (like customizable body in aspects of weight and muscularity). Might be just the thing for you. I guess it's the most advanced schlong mod out there.


Today I was thinking about how one could describe the mod manager in comparison to the Nexus mod manager: NMM is like an installer, while MO is more a launcher. Meaning you can install everything via NMM alright, but if you want to run a few tests, add a mod, discard another, you'll always have to go through installation (and sorting of ESPs etc.). With MO you only have to install once, and then choose the mods you want the game to start with, in a matter of seconds. Very handy when running bodyslide. Sorry, can't summarize it much better.


As for the brightness: there are ENB settings with a more gloomy look (I'm only using good old Real Vision, but I guess "bleak / unbleak" and / or "kountervibe" might be more to your liking). In any case, just hit the search button on the nexus.

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Thanks for the tips, afraid i need to make a completely new install it just stopped working and i cannot figure out why and i haven't even gotten to the naughty mods pffft! I use NMM and also have LOOT eventhough i have no real clue as to how all this works!



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Well, for a whole new build up, like you want do it, as I got it, I would suggest to follow the next few points:

  • Read this MO Guide
  • Download and Install MO
    • Start it and go through the built-in tutorial
    • Then configure it properly, so choose the theme you want, give it your Nexus data, ...
  • Follow the instructions of S.T.E.P. from the beginning to the end. It probably will take some time (I've needed around 3-4 hours) but Skyrim will be more stable and look generally way better.
  • Then you can import your NMM mods, or you can just choose which ones you want in your new game.

After this, you can decide. If you want a whole immersion overhaul I would suggest you just pick your mods out of the G.E.M.S. modlist. Next, there are the sexual mods. As base, you'll probably always will need FNIS, SL Framework, XPMSE. Anything else you should already have, if you worked your way through STEP. Then body replacers. SAM or SOS for males and one of the many for females. I use CBBE just because Bodyslide, but that's personal taste.


At last, the mods to really bring some action into Skyrim. Spouces Enhanced and Radiant Prostitution Tweaked are two, the names should tell their aoe :D I don't know many others, I build up my game to be a bit more ... exciting for my female PC but those two should give at least a nice basis I think.

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Thanks X, after installing MO (before removing everything) i did find the problem!


Fos some reason i thought better vampires would be a great addition to my game but after some time though...meh so i uninstalled that. Apparantly it was coupled to Dual Sheath Redux and right now i've spend the last few hours to fix that but little to no luck i must say!


Will try a few things out before calling it a day, heck a few days pffftf!





Took me some time but i guess THAT paid off, got my mods to work again just need some friendly reminders from time to time NOT to mess around too much especially with things i know nothing about hahaha! :D


Will check out that project you spoke of Mr. X so thanks again for that tip! :)





Watched some more vids about Mod Organiser and have deceided that i am done with NMM completely! Will remove everything after making an extensive list of all mods downloaded thus far and after that do a complete install of everything Skyrim included. After all that i will redownload it all again by using MO pffft!


Ah well it keeps me off the Street i guess! ;)


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