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The Brigand Diaries PT1


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One of the best uses I have found for Unbound is the ability to start as a nobody in the world.  No Dragonborn quest, just a mage, or rogue or warrior or....a brigand?


Why not?  Why not become a bandit and the leader of a brigand group.  Steal, rape and plunder on the highways, and vie with other bandit groups for control of territory.


So with the following mods, I shall endeavor to bring you the diary of a Brigand.  You will need:


Skyrim Unbound

Sexlab and peripheries

Defeat (a brigand's gotta to him some rapin')

Any multiple followers mod

No moral conscience whatsoever.


I have started my Brigand in the solitude dungeons.  He's a muscular, bearded and scarred Nord (in more ways than one).  His first mission will be to challenge other local groups, get some cash and hire a follower.  Wish him luck.

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Tirdas, 19th of Last Seed:


Got out of the prison at Castle Dour this morning.  Six weeks in that stinking cell and most of my gold.  How was I to know the bitch was a nobleman's favorite whore?  Only hit her once and only then because she was too picky about her customers.  Anyway, I'm out now.  I need a woman, some mead and a job.


Almost the minute I get out some sleazy Argonian wants me to turn off a lighthouse for his pirate crew.  I tell him to fuck off and then I go take a look to see what I can do on my own. There's a ship parked down there, the something Sload.  Dunno if it's his but it reeks of corsair. Figure those pirates aren't expecting any trouble.  I just walk on up the ramp with a hey let's be friends face.  They didn't buy it. There was a man and a woman, she wasn't bad for a Redguard.  Too bad I had to kill them both to get in the front door.  I try sneaking down the below decks but I'm rusty after so long in the dungeon.  Two guys make me.  I pin  the first with an arrow, but had to take the next with my axe. At least he left me his shield.


Then some bandit bitch comes around the corner.  We weren't expecting each other so neither was ready for a fight.  I smacked her a couple of times to daze her and tied her up for later. Sneaking down the next flight to the hold wasn't too hard. Found an entrance to a cabin under the bows.  There was one Orc in there, but he wasn't ready for me either.  Scored some good jewelry, maybe a hundred in coin, a couple of potions and all his fine clothes. That was the last of them. When I was done with the pirate wench I let her walk.  No need to kill someone who didn't fight back.  


I got back to Solitude and sold it all at the armorers.  Cunt drives a hard bargain.   Got over a thousand septims now, but I don't feel like spending it all on a helper when I can do so well by myself. Sooner or later I'll need a crew, but not yet. Overheard some legion soldiers in the courtyard.  They were saying the legates were looking for recruits to kill the bandits at Fort Hraggstad so the legion can move in.  That's good to hear.  Bandits have loot and women, that much I know...

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Tirdas 19th of Last Seed:


I come up on Fort Hraggstad the long way, right along the northern coast. Hoped I'd find something worth pinching on the way but there was nothing but snow and horkers. One island had a flag posted on it. I swam out and looked around but there was nothing but a dry skeleton. If he was shipwrecked he was a stupid prick for staying there only a hundred paces off the shore. Cunt deserved to starve.


There was one courier on the road. Pulled a knife when I tried to rob him so now he's a dead courier. Wasn't even carrying a note so it must have been a verbal message. The few coins he carried weren't worth dying for.


So by the time I get to the fort it's dusk. It's way up on a cliff overlooking the sea. I try sneaking around the side entrance but get made. Have to shoot the first bandit – big bearded cunt – but it was hand to hand with the next four. Even had to run up the towers and chop two archers down.


I enter the main door and two guys rush me almost straight away. Really have to get better at sneaking. When I get upstairs to the marauders' barracks there's just a big Redguard there, looking over a map with his back to me. I swear the first arrow just made the cunt mad and he took three more as he charged at me swinging. Fell down just before he got in range. Lot's of money a trinkets in his chest.


I went over the courtyard to the gaol. There's this brunette woman in there comes at me with an axe. I knock her down and I'm about to tie her up when two more cunts come from a side door. After dealing with them, I show her what bad little bandit bitches get.


I showed her a few times in fact. By the end of the night she was giving it up willingly. I'll leave her there in case I come back. Besides if I get a crew they'll need someone to keep them happy. In any case I'll have to be back and not just because it's a good hideout: there was so much armor and weaponry I had to stash half of it in the trunks.


Woke up feeling fresh, that's for sure.


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Middas 20th of Last Seed:


Sold all the loot I could carry back at solitude. Armorer is still a cheap cunt. Now I have over 1700. I head to the Skeever, try my luck with that blonde bard woman and she almost slaps me. Crusty looking old warrior called Belrand tells me his sword is for hire. Doesn't look like he's worth five hundred but says he has spells too. Well beggars can't be choosers.


I hear there's a wood fort on the road from Dragon Bridge to Rorikstead and the bandits there are stopping anyone getting through. Bet that makes them pretty rich then. It's also the kind of racket I should be running instead. To take the fort, I'd rather have a few good blokes than one graying Nord, but I'm sure the spellsword will have some tricks up his sleeve. Fucker better for 500 septims.


We crossed the estuary by then mill and came up on the road a mile south of Dragon Birdge. there's a couple of nobles walk by with a legionnaire escort. Say they're headed to a wedding in the city. I figure it's time to test this Belrand so we fall on them. Well, the guard went down pretty easily, because he wasn't expecting anything, but Belrand summons this ghostly wolf or hound or whatever. Creeped me the gods out 'specially as it just stood there glaring at the cowering imperials. I tied the woman up and took the husband's valuables. Then him he just bolted and left his missus in the lurch.


The woman wasn't bad looking, a little chubby for Belrand's taste, but we took turns at her anyway and she made a racket out there on the roadside. Bitch kept going on about 'northern scum,' well, we probably squirted a whole litter of Nord bastards into her that afternoon. When I untied her she ran off naked and hysterical toward Dragon Bridge. Belrand wanted to kill her and started to chase but I got in his way till she was too far gone and he gave up.* Dibella's snatch! If he'd chased her into town the guards would have had us for sure!


I'll divvy the loot up with Belrand after we kill some bandits. I get the greater share because it's my idea. Besides all he's managed for 500 septims so far is to try and stab a naked woman in the back.






*Defeat users – none of this is made up. I literally body-blocked Belrand till the noblewoman was out of range and he gave up. Does anyone have more reliable tricks to stop companions killing subdued or defeated victims?

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Great story so far, I've really enjoyed reading!


Companions are a pain in the neck, which is why I never use them, but I thought some of the follower mods included commands to keep them in check? Maybe not. Your other option is just to leave victims tied and walk away... eventually they do escape (you get a notification that you got your handcuffs back) and you can imagine you left them for others to enjoy in the meantime.

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Paradise Halls could make an interesting addition to this playthrough - it allows you to have quite a lot of slaves, or in this case, other bandits you've beat up and forced to work for you.

 I'll give it a look.  New update coming tonight.

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Loredas, 23rd of Last Seed:



We took the bandit fort with little trouble.  I came on it from the hillside and killed two of them with my bow, Belrand and his ghost hound proved their worth by charging the gate.  He definitely killed more than I did.  The bandit chief was a strong looking Nord lass, but fought too hard so we couldn't take her alive.  There a key to a trapdoor leading to a cave beneath their shack and a diary that said there was a treasure chest on an island out on the river. I'll keep that for later, no need to tell Belrand.  He can't read, so I thank the monks that took me in as an orphan: at least they taught me to read before the abbot tried to bugger me and I had to cut off his cock. 


We were attacked by bandits on the road to Rorikstead.  Fools died badly.  At the Frostfruit Inn we met a footpad called Bryndis - pretty, petite, amoral.  She said she'd come along to Karthwasten with us.  We stayed the night in Ragnar's rock, and she slept in my bed - good little shag; can do amazing things for a woman with such small hands.  Probably just as good at picking locks.  Next morning we returned to the Inn because Belrand forgot his shield. Bryndis seemed to have a change of heart so we said we'd catch up next time I was in town*


We headed out next morning toward Karthwasten.  There was a fort on the road and some Forswrorn attacked us.  We took the fort with a hell of a fight.  These forsworn bitches summoned flame atrocnachs and everything. I caught one on the battlements and saved her for myself.  Told Belrand there was nobody out there.  While he was looting the inside of the castle I saw to her.  The biting, scratching and the smell were almost too much.  I prefer a nice peasant girl, or a curvy Cyrodillic noblewoman...at least they wash. Anyway i left her fuming there on the battlements vowing not to bother with the next one.


We traded the loot at Karthwasten.  Good looking wenches at the Inn.**  Wonder what they'll do for a little coin...  We were accosted by more forsworn on the road to Markath. Belrand fucked one till she was red in the face on the roadside, but I just stood guard.  Their gear looks like shite, but is surprisingly good quality.  I've kept one axe and we can sell the swords and armor for good coin.  There's a festival coming up on the 27th.  Think I'd like to be back in Rorikstead for that.***





*Dunno if this a glitch in the downloadable follower Bryndis Pepperglass, but even though she kept saying lead the way, she wouldn't leave her seat?  Any idea why she suddenly changed her mind about following us?


**The Small Town Traders mod solves the missing inn and store in Karthwasten by adding a building and NPCs that serve as both.


***Wet and Cold Holidays.  No connection, except made by the same modder and one requires the other. Looking forward to the first festival on my calendar - a sort of harvest party.



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Don't know if something like this would prove useful for the character type you're playing as, but I wonder if there are any mods out there that make normally hostile NPC's like the Forsworn look upon you as a part of their group for dressing like one of them, or wearing a disguise if you will. Could have some good fun with something like that I'd imagine..

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Don't know if something like this would prove useful for the character type you're playing as, but I wonder if there are any mods out there that make normally hostile NPC's like the Forsworn look upon you as a part of their group for dressing like one of them, or wearing a disguise if you will. Could have some good fun with something like that I'd imagine..

  Yeah I thought other bandits should cut me some slack at least.


Does anyone know a better mod for more followers?  I'm using Multiple Followers Lite.  I guess  'lite' means 'one' follower, because although others agree to join me verbally, they don't get off their arses and actually follow.   Once I have one, nobody else comes along.


This is putting a damper on my progress toward becoming a brigand leader because the concept hinges on building a gang.


Could this be the problem: I hired Belrand for 500 in Solitude, but tried to pick up Bryndis and others in Rorikstead for free.  Could there be a clash between paid and free followers?  My only other choice seems to be the mercenary mod - hire mercs in Whiterun - but I want unique followers, not generic sellswords.

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I'm not one who uses followers much myself, but from what I hear Ultimate Follower Overhaul and Amazing Follower Tweaks are the mods that I hear many people talking about when they talk about follower mods. I don't know if mercenaries conflict with regular followers in that mod you are using, but it doesn't seem like it should matter. Who knows.


I agree that this would be a very fun Let's Play, but the stories are also quite entertaining so far.

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Sundas, 24th of Last Seed


Rorikstead is proving to be a profitable town.  Sold our loot at the trader and the armorer* last night and went straight to the tavern to toast.  Bryndis was friendly enough but didn't seem interested in coming along.  Perhaps our reputation has reached her.  Well it must have reached someone because there were several ruffians looking for a leader that night and I finally managed to start a gang*.  I got a Dunmer, Talgrel, who looks like he's running from something and a hairy Nord warrior called Olgrin who likes to wax philosophical when he drinks.  Both proved to be good fighters later that night.


The innkeep tipped us off about some bandits hiding in a nearby cave called Swindler's Den.  I admit we were a little drunk and feeling full of ourselves but the talk of battle, loot and women got our blood up. Belrand talked up how I'd already led him to considerable wealth (if he only knew the half of it...) and I said if they proved themselves they could tag along. So we set out to raid the caverns.***


The bandits were mean looking but an otherwise amateur bunch.   Their leader, a big Reguard barely knew how to swing his battleaxe.  There was only one woman - also a Reguard and probably the chief's wife as she seemed to have some authority.  But she was reasonably young and still comely. We took her alive, shared out the loot and then shared the Reguard bitch around the fireside where they kept their bedrolls  We must have had several goes each; Talgrel sprayed at least five good loads in her, said he hadn't had it in months. it was a good night of drinking and humping.  Only a shame there weren't more women.  We left her exhausted but resigned and set out in the morning, all of us carrying almost too much loot to walk.


We came a cross a shrine to Kynareth on the way back to Rorikstead and there were a couple of Stendarr Vigilants hanging about, a woman and a man.  Belrand, as usual wanted to have his way with the woman and we were just about to attack when I realized when I saw something pink in the tall grass and something red in their eyes. Too late.  Olgrin shouted, "Vampires!" and I just noticed a couple of naked, dead vigilants in the grass before they attacked with spells - and teeth.  Both were Vampire Fledgings and we had to kill them quick.  It would have been a harder fight if they'd been fully fledged, but what were they doing out at sunrise?  Something we may have to look into.


In any case, the harvest festival starts in a couple of days and we'll be in Rorikstead and flush with coin when it comes.  Perhaps the country wenches will be in a good mood...






* Using both small town traders and Rorikstead enhanced

**using a raft of mods that add followers from individual characters to multiple packs: Follower Pack II, Follower Pack Orcs and Lots More Followers do not clash and add dozens more voiced, generic mercs/followers to taverns around Skyrim.

***Also now using Ultimate Follower Overhaul which ensures I can have multiple followers.  Though Bryndis still stubbornly resists - she seems to prefer drinking her coin away in the Frostfruit - the others all came along nicely. I have kept Multiple Followers Lite for the assemble call ability and so far there's no clash.

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Before the priory, I lived the Imperial City, but was too young to remember. My father was a Nord soldier in the legion and my mother a Cyrodil who was tall and blonde and looked just like a Nord.  Father settled after his wars and we led a quiet life in Bruma, where he served as a guard in the Count's employ until the Altmer invaded and he was called up.  He didn't come home this time, but with my older sister married, and mother sick with grief, she used much of his pension to get me board and schooling at Weynon Priory near Chorroll.  I was only eleven.


Weynon Priory was where the hero Martin Septim came from.  Even us lads who'd never been to school knew about him. The monks were kindly, but strict teachers, and I was ever a restless boy. But they taught me my letters, and some counting too.  Then there was a new abbot and he called me into his study one evening and tried to get me undressed.  I took a knife from his fruitbowl and slashed at him with it and because he was hard as a stalagmite cut his manhood near clean off.  I fled after that, fourteen and a fugitive.  I had no idea where to go, but immediately I loved the open road, and could read the signs by myself. That day was 25th of Last Seed too.



Morndas, 25th Last Seed


We sold the loot in Rorikstead for a handsome profit.  Over two thousand gold, and I let the lads keep whatever they took off their own kills. I left them in the Frostfruit with fifty Septims each and told them to live it up.  I doubt they'll do much damage as they're terrified of Bryndis, despite her size, and she said she'd keep an eye on them.  I also told the innkeep to bill me if they break anything.  Everyone's happy.  We'll need more men though, and for that I need to find a city.  


I decided to go to Markath, figuring it was just a little closer than Whiterun and I could take the road past Karthwasten on the way.  The stopped for lunch in the Inn there, talked to the barmaid and she didn't need much convincing to go somewhere quiet.  Sometimes, after a fight when your blood is hot, you just want to ravish a woman.  The first one you see.  But when you're tired, you've had a drink and been on the road, a warm, welcoming pair of thighs is so much better.  So we enjoyed the afternoon as much as she could till she returned to her shift, and I moved on hoping to reach Markath by nightfall.


What a site those walls are!  I had seen Dwemer ruins before but nothing so grand as a whole city still in use.  Well, by us that is.  The view was somewhat dampened by the murder attempt as soon as I got in the gate: a man came running with a blade drawn and I cut him down, thinking I'd made too many enemies.  Turns out he was trying to kill some woman at a fruit stall and I just got lucky. Guards told me to move along, so I walked around the city a while, marveling at the waterfalls and ornate masonry, before thirst and work drew me to the tavern.


The Silver Blood Inn is entered through a great copper door in the side of the rock face under the temple.  It is grand inside with Dwemer steam pipes and a great hearth.  The bar is run by a bickering old couple, who never stopped needling each other.  There were plenty of adventurers around and I drank and talked with them, and the landlord's daughter, a stunning tall Nord lass, joined us for a drop or two.  I guess she was used to travelers and liked to piss off her parents because even though she demurred when I first suggested we slip away, when I told her I could do things that would make Dibella blush she just smiled and led me to a large chamber with a double bed.  We did it there, on the table and on the rug by the fireplace - all while her parents served customers in the next room!


In the morning I asked two of the patrons to come along.  One, a guff Orc and the other a cunning-looking Dark Elf who complained incessantly about the cold. We set off back toward Rorikstead, eager to see what the road, and the day would bring us. I love the open road.


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Yay! Really enjoying the story, and you've inspired me to think more about what my character is doing and where she's from when I play. I even started telling my own story with the 'Take Notes' mod, but it seems to break every time I use it... it opens and I write in it, but then the journal won't close. Sadness.


So maybe my stories just stay in my head, which is probably where they belong anyhow. ^_^

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Bad news:  gonna have to wrap this project up.


Just too many clashes and crashes.


At this stage it's either SL or some periphery, or the weight of all these follower mods needed to keep it going.  Just can't get ten minutes without a CTD.


The goal was to seize a fort - pretty much had Greymoor under control - man it with my gang and use it as a base to take forays into the countryside.  Sadly this has caused the most crashes.  I am using a  5 year old quad core and it holds up well but can't really take 6-7 followers.  It also seems to slow down any SL which puts a damper on the raping and plundering.


So after multiple reloads, backtracks and so on, it's just too much work and too many do-overs.  Might revisit the idea with a lighter mod load down the track but at this stage I dunno how many followers is too many.  Whatever it is, the acceptable number isn't enough to reach my goals. The reloads are just killing the experience.


Let you know if it improves, but for now I'll go back to being goody-two-shoes...

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That is sad to hear, but understandable. Followers can really bog down a game with all their AI routines running, so even a bandit gang should probably be kept to just a couple followers.


The only feasible way I could see a true bandit gang working would be if you had a mod that made a certain group of them friendly to you and they could occupy a certain camp. An example of this would be to use OBIS, which splits bandits into different factions, and then set yourself friendly with one of those. If you could make that happen, all you would then need is a mod to allow any NPC into a follower, and then self-regulate to not take too many at a time.^_^


Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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