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TTW + Sexout issue after tranquility lane

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I just ran into a weird issue with Sexout and TTW.  I got TTW installed and working, and deactivated most of the sexout stuff that is NV specific (tryouts, SOFO, etc) and kept the random sexout for an FO3 playthrough.


Its been working great the last 2 days, but I just finished tranquility lane and now can't get any action  :P


Initiating sex via sexoutsex, the TTW quest overhaul mod, and bangatron all give the same result:  Aborting due to 2.0.  The abort codes just tell me that means no actors were set.


I'm using the pipboy 2500, and after Tranq. Lane it was all screwy, so I did the uninstall from that mod's options and did a clean save before restoring it.  Pipboy came back but now sexout won't work!


So I did a clean save without any Sexout mods, and then restored them but have the same issue.  If I load any save from before Tranq it works normally.


So I'm guessing either the pipboy stuff, or becoming a child again screwed it up. Anyone else run into anything like this?


Edit: Crap, I meant to post this in the tech support forum.  Sorry!

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Sadly, no fucking idea.  I defer to others.  :-/


I don't use "a familiar friend," but that is supposed to be TTW-approved.  Tranq Lane and pip-boy removal has definitely caused issues at times.  I'm running TTW 2.4 and can't remember the last time that I went through TL.  : \


While I can't imagine that you would be, go into the console and type "player.ischild".  I'm actually not certain if that's a valid in-console command (some functions work there, some don't), but it should return a 0 for you.  I think that you'd get a different abort code if it was detecting you as a child.  You'd also get a rocket in the face.

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You're better of just using a pipboy retex when you use TTW.

I really REALLY hated giving up my fancy custom readius, but the trade off is worth it.

Now I use the mojave tin pip boy, looks great. Tbh I only switched to the readius because some armour creators told me I needed to to make their armours look right. What I learned later is it's usually not even hard to make those armours pipboy friendly...


RE: The familiar friend, I'm sure I read somewhere that it's only the arm mounted version that is approved. If using the handheld one you'll likely still run into problems.

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I switched to the readius to get away from the arm mounted pipboy.  IMO anything you wear that isn't armor, mod or no, looks really dumb having the pipboy on your arm.


I switched to 2500/familiar friend just for ttw, because they said it was "more" compatible (though not 100%).  I didn't realize there was an arm mounted variant, so I'll look into that.


I was smart enough to make a save just before TL because I had read several threads about pipboys and ttw.  So I can just go reload that, remove the 2500, and redo TL before adding it back to see if that works.


Thanks for the replies!

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I got rid of the pipboy replacer, and had the 3k working when I went into TL.  Then I remembered the other thing I forgot to mention last night  :blush: (sorry, was really tired).


I'm using a custom race, and in preparation of that I went into the GECK and duplicated the caucasian child race and added it as the child version of my custom race.   Growing up in 101 worked normally,  the character looked like a kid and then looked like I designed when they grew up.  


But when I get to TL, she's a full size adult wearing kid's clothes, though with vanilla textures and hair (rather than the custom race stuff), like she is a vanilla caucasian.  But after leaving TL she will be back to the custom race, appearance and all.


As a test, I tried to initiate sex with one of the adults in TL, and got....  aborting due to 2.0.  So I think I've found the cause of the issue, that being that my race status is somehow screwed up once I enter TL.  I don't suppose anyone has any ideas?



Edit:  One more thing I wanted to throw in.  I really have no interest in going through FO3 and then NV with the same character.  There are several mods I want to keep that only work in or only matter in NV (like tryout, or a player house mod in freeside) that I have deactivated when using TTW.  So I got everything setup the way I wanted in NV, and exported the load order to txt.  Then I deactivated what I didn't want in TTW, got that all setup, and exported a 2nd load order.  So now I can import load orders and switch between FNV and TTW.


It works, I've tested it a couple of times now.  But am I just creating more headaches for myself while thinking I'm being super smart? ;)

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Thanks to Keyser, I figured it out.  It turns out I'm a moron!  :P


I created a child race that grows up into my custom race, but I did not link the child race both ways.  Somehow that worked in 101, but did NOT in TL  The upside is the character looks like a child in TL and any attempts at sex result in a fatboy to the face.  The downside is my save from post TL isn't fixed just by linking the races, so I'll have to do TL again.  Which I can live with.


So thanks everyone, and please excuse my stupidity!  That's what I get for trying to squeeze in some perverted gaming after working double shifts :D


That didn't actually fix the root problem, so I still have aborting due to 2.0 after finishing TL :(



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@grifterrik:  Since I don't use custom races, I can't speak to your problem.   : \


That said, I use one character for testing stuff sometimes and another one for actual playing.  I use the profile capabilities of Fallout Save Manager (FNV Save Manager.exe) plus import/export load order.  That may help you keep things separate...actually creating a second character.


Won't do a damned thing for TL though.  ; )

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thanks for moving this to tech support!


no blame keyser, your post showed me something I did wrong,I appreciate it. after linking the child race the character was a child in tl, but still get no sexout after tl.


I'll look at that save manager, too nyaalich, thanks.


I'm out of town for the weekend, will see if I can fix it or break it worse when I get back!

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