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These are armor and outfits by KingKong that I have converted to TGND.http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19080-some-clothesarmor-hgec-e-ll/ There are *no* *.esp's* contained in any of these you will have to make a .esp for them some came with texture files and some will need to be downloaded from the thread above and some use in game armor textures. The cardigan dress one I added a 2nd version that is see through to it.


**You will probably need set body or set body reloaded as these do not have hands in most of the nifs and the TGND hand is smaller then other hands.



Here is a new outfit conversion of some nipple and crotch rings that I recently found and decided to convert them to the TGND body.


The rings are the Eri Ring Set for HGEC By ERORIE there are readme's in the rar's I tried to translate it but only got mostly gibberish. If the author does not want this up I can remove it. The rings are somewhere in the IC where I have no clue as I installed them into my .esp instead of using the .esp's that came with the mods. Boots are not included in the mods and ring8 only has a upperbody but no lowerbody.


No matter where I went the pictures never showed both rings good so this will have to do for now. You can see pictures of the rings here. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32149-outfits-and-armors/?p=804955


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