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Question about SKSE 1.7

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SKSE 1.7 have intergrated memory patch from sheson so no need for those.


Research what you PC is capable of watch videos read tutorials use MO as manager.


Videocard enough vram so you know heavy modding posible.


Make sure you use LOOT it replace BOSS which is not supported for longtime.


If your PC is mid range or low end use lite versions textures.


Use  Skyrim HD textures instead of bethesda HD textures they are more efficient then Bethesda and look better.


Follow exact loadorder for installing mods also don't use to many scripted mods or make sure they don't conflict with others and your system can handle many or less.


If you carefully and follow the readme or tutorials your fine if you just install and hope it works your in for WORLD of FRUSTRATION ;)


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Actually Stable uGrids ToLoad and Safety Load do something completly different, so having them is not a bad thing. But as for Safety Load, this needs to be setup correctly so it does only act when loading or your game might crash when opening the inventory.

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