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File Name: Wild Wind Raider

File Submitter: JRCosta

File Submitted: 27 Apr 2014

File Category: Armor & Clothing

Requires: Skyrim; XPMS;



One more Mash-up "armor" using some conversions from Oblivion and a Morrowind Artifact.

Name: Wild Wind Raider;
Body: Sevenbase (port it with the Natural femalebody mesh as base, weight 0); no Bodyslide applied, minimum height defined.

This Set is made of 7 independent pieces:

- Body (Corset from Tona's Oblivion Kiami Hunter, Shoulder Pads from Blood Hound Outfit by Endiness from and Harness from Hentai Iron Frenzy;
- Boots from Lady Rogue by Krista taken from here;
- Gauntlets from Nausicaa Desert Wind Clothes;
- Skirt from Red Star Outfit (sorry, couldn't track the page link)
- Belt and Leg Vials from Kirinsoblivion page Triss Outfit;
- Extra Kit (Book and Coin Purse) from Drakron Red Mystic Mage and ShadowWalker (sorry, couldn't track the page link either)
- Epic Artifact from Morrowind as a 1H Sword from wulfharth.

I created this Mash-up having a 4th Era Dungeon Explorer Lara Croft-type in mind; she would need a lot of carry weight, stamina, some protection against traps and, as a bonus, a reliable rare artifact as a weapon. Also she gets some boosts to the speech and great merchant prices to cover all the dangers she has faced when selling the stuff.

- Body increases light armor skill;
- Boots regenerates Stamina;
- Gauntlets increase 1H attacks:
- Belt and Skirt increases Carry Weight by 50 each (100 total);
- The Extra Kit increases Speech skill and better prices from merchants;
- The sword gives shock and magika damage.

To install, just unzip and drop the data folder on the Skyrim main directory. I have installed using NMM and it worked well.

To uninstall manually, enter in the Data folder and delete WildWindGear.esp; delete also the "WildWind" folders under Data\Meshes\clothes\ and Data\Textures\Clothes\ and the Weapons\fangofhaynekhtnamet folders from the same directories.

To get the Set:
- open console (~), type "help wildwind" without commas and then "player.additem xxxxxxx", where the "xxxxxxx" are the given codes above);
- travel to Witherun, head to the back of Olava the Feeble house, facing the City Wall; there is a Knapsack at the wall, just pick the stuff;
- not craftable, not upgradable.

Screenshots at the Download page.

Future plans for this mod:
- This was tested a lot and should be considered the final version, but I'm willing to fix any reported bugs;

Thanks and Credits:

Tona for Kiami Hunter;
Wulfharth for Fang of Haynekhtnamet;
Hentai for Iron Frenzy;
Endiness for Blood Hound Armor;
Petrovich for simply Army clothes;
Drakron for Red Mystic Mage;
Krista from Lady Rogue;
Nausicaa for Desert Wind Clothes;
The creators of ShadowWalker and Red Star Outfit meshes (couldn't track the source);
Kirinisdivine for the oblivion meshes;
Sevennity for 7B body, grab it here at LoversLab or Nexus;
Mikanoshi for the Skyrim MOds Complex Optimizer (SMCO);
Bethesda for TESV Skyrim;
3DSMax. Paint.NET, Nifskope and NifTools teams;
All the good modders that help improve this amazing game by creating mods, leaving great video tutorials or helping noobs like me!


Click here to download this file

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