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Difficulty Upgrading from v1.33 to v1.54

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Hi everyone,


I'm having some difficulty upgrading from v1.33 to v1.54.


I've managed to upgrade, but for some reason, I can't change any of the settings in the mod menu. Does anyone know what might be causing this?



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I'm having this same issue. . . I want to say it's SKSE 1.7, but it's likely not. 


This also kind of confused me because a lot of the drop down menus and options were missing. I assumed this was do to the lack of 'SexLab Resources' that was not in the new Framework download, but I guess the Resources were streamlined with the framework for one download, yeah? 

Question: Would I install the framework, than Zaz Animations, and than the plugins? My CTD's started after uninstalling anything related to Sexlab after looking for solutions. :/ 

    By the way... I understand the reason for needing to update, but why would Ashal create the new Framework build around an alpha build of SKSE? 

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Alright I think the crisis is averted. Everything seems stable right now. 

I uninstalled everything relating to Sexlab, ran Fnis Program, than reinstalled Sexlab Framework ONLY. Some of my saves have 2 Sexlab tabs in MCM, this isn't anything new, as it did it with the older one, too. 


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In addition to the menu not responding properly, I also had the dual Sexlab/MCM issue that @iricalexis_421 described and uninstalling and reinstalled SL and SL-related mods did fix it. Not sure if it's the only fix though.

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