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Unusual animation

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Occasionally, a cm partner of mine will perform an animation after she has been raped. It happens sometimes if the partner is made unconscious.


The partner will pop to a standing position, bend forward slightly at the waist and sway from side to side with hands clasped behind their back.










The partner can sometimes be broken out of this animation by further attacks, or by just speaking to the partner. Sometimes it will just say the partner is unconscious and will continue swaying.


In this particular battle, Alicia performed the above animation after being combat raped. About a minute later she was joburg raped (she got the pink glowing affect before rape)  while doing this animation. When the rape finished she got up and continued the battle. Then she was made unconscious from combat, lay prone on the ground for a few seconds, then got up into the sway animation


This animation seems to affect only this partner (she was cloned from another cm partner), the other partners never perform this animation.


I had this animation once before in a character (non-partner), and the only way I could stop it was to delete the character and remake them in CS.


Does anyone know if this is part of a lovers animation, or is it an idle?


My first thought was that perhaps this is part of a gang-rape animation where the other party hasn't properly joined, but I once had this animation happen after my PC had raped someone... but there was no one else around. Then I thought it might be some idle animation caused when fatigue/health got too low.


If its a mod conflict, then Its weird that it only affects a select few characters and other characters of the same race/gender and wearing the same clothing/armor are not affected. (All my custom races are on one esp and all my custom clothing/armor on another)


And even more weird... I remade this partner twice more with the same result.

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I use sex darkness and companion share and recruit, so I am aware there are possible conflicts. However, I have used sex darkness with lovers for over 1100 hours with almost no problems. As I stated, its weird this affects only a certain rare few characters. If it was a conflict I would have expected it to affect other characters. I was just curious if this was an idle animation or not.


Its not a game breaker, I will just remake the character until it stops happening. Its just weird that this animation only happens to this particular character once their fatigue/health levels are extremely low. The animation looks like the part of a standup - doggy - rape, but it could be some idle. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar.

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I found out what was causing this, it was Vipcxjs high heel system. It took a while to find it because I didn't realize that a disabled mod still loads if it is a master of an enabled mod. You learn something every day.


My custom race/partner mod had my custom armor mod as a master, which in turn had Vipcxjs as a master because the Armor for Alicia used the high heel system. This also caused my custom race/partner mod to have Vipcxjs as a master.


When I disabled both the armor mod and Vipcxjs, they both still loaded in-game. I remade Alicia's armor using normal heels, removed the dependency on Vipcxjs from both the armor and race/partner mods and problem fixed.

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Alicia is here:-



post 228


Shes a non-companion in that esp, so you can use any companion mod you like through CS.


The other girl in the second shot is my main character, Raven, which is a bit of a mashup race using Abriael's Imperial race mod with altered textures for body, hands and face



post 348


If you want to use Raven as a companion, I can make an esp and enclose texture files and meshes, if you pm me.



I found the idle that was being called, it was one from sexdarkness. No idea why it was being called. That highheels system just causes too many conflicts for me, particularly with any mods using casting. That together with sleeping NPC's levitating makes it a deal breaker.



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