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NiAlphaProperty and another one problem

Kaz Aanh

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So Im messing with my armour and I wanted to add transparency to the sleeves. But when I have added NiAlphaProperty to my mesh in the nifskope and later attaching in the NiTriShape > Block details > BS Properties a reference to the NiAlphaProperty.


Mesh appeared to be a half-transparent in the nifskope render window but in the game it crashes my game when I eqiup it. ( it doesn't crash when I remove NiAlphaProperty )


Could it be a issue with a texture? I did convert it from .tga > .dds with DXT5 compression to keep alpha channels.



I have also question about Num UV Sets (in the NiTriShapeData ) its grayed out . . . ( I have no idea how to enable it ) and other meshes have set this value do 4097. Could that be a main issue?



Anybody knows whats wrong? I am thankfull for help.

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