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CTD while en route to Saarthal

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What is your load order and what mods do you have that add anything to your game like enemies/change areas/caves/towns. I would say that you have something installed that adds something to your game and when you get close to whatever that mods added it causes your game to CTD. 

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I have only one mod that adds npcs and it is skymomod. Version 12. I tryed looking into it and one or two people are saying it is incompatible with old saves. (I think I played a little bit before I got the mod.) That is the only mod I have that adds enemies. It is currently 0B on my mod order, which would make it 11th, counting the dlc.

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The road out of Winterhold to Saarthal is one of the spots where my game loves to crash, too. I attribute it to general modded Skyrim unstableness. Without checking, I'd guess there's a cell transition at this point and loading all the new data is too much for the game on a weak computer.

My usual solution to those crashes is to save the game right before the point where it crashes, then shut it down completely and reload the save. A fresh game session usually handles the transition.

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