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I missing...


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Yes I am a woman and I miss this kind of a chat xD


I support a vote on any IRC chat.

And if the admins do not want.

I'd set up on my board one.

And then ask if you would link it here.


I am always so bored while uploading -.-

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Yeah, the problem at wolflore was the the shoutbox was small, and up in a corner, and *looked* like a search box.  so people would spam crap like 'loversjoburg' or 'hgec' and it drove people up a wall.  But here, I agree with Jin...with the personalities here, I think a live chat would really be fun.  And it would be cool for those needing to collaborate on stuff.  I would just like to joke around with people, and say stuff like "hey I just replied to a post you have in this post, could you read it please" that kind of thing.

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And IRC channel would be nice. Just don't make it terribly obvious that we have one so that people don't spam it asking for help.


Yeah having something that loads up in a separate window and requires your forum log in would be cool.

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