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Retrieving a character face from an unloadable save


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I have not long bought a new rig to be able to run skyrim with decent textures and an ENB and since my old character wasn't loading (i think due to save bloat from having 7 ugrids) i thought it would be a good time to go and find new mods. I thought it would be easy to recreate how my old character looked, but i was wrong, i think i must have lucked out when making it because when it comes to making skyrim characters i am inept to say the least. No matter what i do i just cannot reach how good looking my old char was.


I cannot load the save in Skyrim, is there any way to retrieve my old char and make it a preset?

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Did you use Enhanced Character Edit when you created your character before? if you saved his/her in a slot for ECE you can retrieve it from your Documents folder.

If not,then I don't know any other way of retrieving a face. :(

When you say fail to load, do you mean it'll crash when loading from the main menu or infinitely load?

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Try starting a new game on that machine.

After the new game loads and you enter the world, hit esc and then try loading your character save.

That's how I bypassed the infinite loading bug when I had it.


If the game crashes to desktop upon loading your save, what I usually do is keep retrying, but load another save each time(I have lots of characters). Hopefully, after a few attempts you'll get in.


I have no experience with the Creation kit so that's the best advice I can offer. Hopefully someone else can come and help you better soon.

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