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Skyrim Stream - Adventures of Valynara


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So, AMD put out new beta software called Raptr Desktop. I was hesitant at first, like... What are you going to screw up on my computer? However, the interface is kind of nice and it has some features I found out like streaming and recording for FREE! Daddy Likes!


Anyway, I was playing with it for the last 30 minutes or so and thought it would be nice to get some viewers besides myself to watch. I am currently streaming myself on another computer box. It does seem to have a delay but this old box is really only good for, well nothing. 


So the two pages I have listing the streams are:




Raptr - http://raptr.com/vancien/wall


Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/vancien 


Either one should work. Please note, I am running the game without ENB but I may turn it on and test how this stream load may effect my FPS. There is also a chat function which I know nothing about, even through Raptr while playing. This utility also runs Steam if you want it to. Currently I am not logged in through it for Steam though. 


I hope I get some exciting encounters for you guys! Thanks for watching if you do. 




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Stream is currently off... I played for two hours. Had around 7 people viewing at one time. Seemed stable, a bit choppy a few times. I have no clue how the stream looked as nobody has posted any feedback.  :(


I'll stream later perhaps. Time to eat some lunch now!

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Thanks Hajtus!


Yeah, it wasn't terrible but a little choppy I think when people joined the stream and with 5 ore more people watching it seemed like I was feeling it a bit more. I had to disable some of the notification feature overlays in game. The popups when Raptr people joined created some FPS loss. I also noticed in first person it was a bit choppy but 3rd person seemed fine. I'll play with it more. I appreciate the feedback. 



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Thanks for the feedback GV. I'm honestly not sure how well the stream is on the site. I watched a stream earlier of a Japanese player streaming Skyrim in old Helgen at the start. His was streaming really smooth. On my end the game play has been smooth. So I am not sure if its partially what my machine is capable of rendering in combination with internet on the users end. 


I'll stream more later. Now its dinner time. 

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Twitch was not found or owner removed it?


But ive installed it twice also becouse of AMD driver install but im on steam most of the time and on voice chat so don't need another game portal next to steam.


I'm not exactly sure why the Twitch page stopped working. And you don't need to download anything to watch the stream to my knowledge. The page should let you just stream it. I tested it without logging in from another browser. 


I will say though that I found out while doing this, they have a points system setup for just playing your regular games. You can purchase things or use points for sweepstakes to actually get bad ass graphics cards. So, why not run it for free points since I play anyway? That's a no brain-er!  :D

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