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Adding Keywords to the Player


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I remember asking this here, when skyrim was in its modding shoes and only half of all console commands were known or something.


So.. any discovered possibility to add a keyword to the player in a running game? I.e. via magical effect as example. I'm well aware that this would most likely require scripting, but papyrus is like reading a stone tablet for me.



In case you're asking yourself; "What on earth is this dude talking about?" I'm looking for a way to specifically get the ActorTypeUndead keyword onto my character without changing the race.


If that's not engine breaking.

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Normally you'd have to create a new race but since all of your characters are undead as far as I can tell, you could just create an esp with a copy of the player (editor id is player) and give it the keyword.


Player "Prisoner" [NPC_:00000007]


Waiiiiit a minute, this works? There's nothing getting overwritten on my character from other mods that way? Assuming i don't load the esp that is obviously.



Holy crap, i never thought of actually editing the players entry in the ck.



Let's see where this goes, thanks for giving me that hint.

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Try creating a new quest that runs at start, create a alias that is forced on the playerref, add a keyword to the alias, presto


Been reading a thread referring to this on the nexus a few days back, but unfortunately it isn't very informative on how to, i googled around and found nothing that specifies the procedure, i know my way around in the CK but i never touched quests before.


Is there any in-depht explanation to this to be found or would i need to pick everything from several tutorials/info posts? (Which is confusing as hell if i might add, so not finding what im looking for via google.)

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Faster than trying to explain it lol

Let me know if it works


You are a freaking lifesaver!


I just tested it, by giving me the necromage perk and checking what amount the novice healing spell shows, still 10. But i didn't trust that, since spell descriptions are sometimes off, so i had the idea of spawning isran next to me and smack him so he likes me and damn his Stendarrs aura spell hurt as fuck, so i'd say, my character is freakin real undead now. Awesome!


If you find the time though, could you write down what exactly you did with that quest business in the CK? I looked at it myself but uhm.. yeah.


In any case, mighty kind of ya. Thank you very very very much!

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just created a new quest named it whatever the fuck, go to alias tab create new alias, forced reference, cell any, first option in second dropdown window is playerref, then there is a tab for alias keywords and just added the undead one, make sure front tab is run at start and presto


Awesome. Thanks again. :D

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