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MCM issues.


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Hey all! I recently went on a mod spree and I downloaded a mod in particular that I'd love to try out (Sanguine's Debauchery). Problem is, I can't seem to start it up on the MCM. I've searched for hours on what I can do and have tried many different things but can't seem to find a reply that works? Anyone got anything for it? (Note: All the mods required for it are working to my knowledge, SKSE, SkyUI and FNIS all work fine. I just can't seem to get this mod started on the MCM. )




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I have done some waiting around for a few minutes but perhaps I could try again. I'll give it a shot, thanks! And if the console command is the one that I'm thinking of, I've already tried that too and nothing new came of it.

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It also requires Zaz mods as well if I remember correctly. And there are prerequisites to meet before it really begins as well, although it should still show in the MCM. Remember, too, that most mods take a while to initialize and show in the menu, and SD takes longer than most. So if you've added several that all use MCM then it may take a long while before SD shows up.

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Thanks for the quick responses everyone! I hopped back on and did some waiting around and even tried to do a quest yet no luck. I tried the save and reload thing, too. Perhaps I should just leave it on for a bit and go do something else. Oh! I do have the Zaz mods too and I noticed some of the animations in-game (the bindings changing from front to back, for example) so I'm thinking the Zaz side of the required mods is doing okay.

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