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theres a new skyrim patch now


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Anyone DL it and see what it is? It was 18mb i think, I haven't done it yet,too afraid to. :s If anyone is brave enough, see what it is so we all know if it is their version of the 4gig patch or not.


So I Dl it. It must be the LAA, I have no framerate issues, and when going into dungeons and such I dont have that strange stutter I used to have be for using the external 4 gig patch we have been using. But bethesda and steam have yet to say what the hell it really is! wtf!?


I will keep an eye on this and update this accordingly. We need to know what it is.


SKSE no longer works.


4gig patch no longer works obviously


People on the steam forums have said it is the 4gig patch as well by checking it. Sucks the UI mod with skse is unable to function now due t it though... I guess people , place your new findings on this new patch here, if you DL it, your exe will be 1.3.10.

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Script Dragon is not working as well. Damned' date=' when do I learn to switch autoupdate off (I always forget this):s


Wouldnt help I did that and when I logged in few days later is was back on. Since then my Steam is offline and it stays that way till there is a new mod I want and can't use without updating.



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