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CtD after an attempted Save


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When I try to save my game with Sexlab and Defeat Loaded I get an instant CtD.  When both addons are not applied everything is fine, i can save my game to my hearts content.  I did have everything working at one point.  It all started however when a mission from "Live Another Life" glitched out.  Before that i was getting a few CtD every so often like on door loading screens, game loading screens, and attempting to save a game as mentioned.  Now as stated if Sexlab and Defeat are loaded there is no saving.


 One thing I have not tried yet is saving with other characters, is it possible for one character to be totally bugged out?


I have all the supporting addons for this like FNIS and the like, and I have also run BOSS which does not seen to help.


Warning I am new to modding btw.  Also I am aware that I should probably have something called Papyrus right? It is my understanding it records errors when they happen or something like that right?

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I CtD on save all the time. It happens when your sexual animations end while you're still in Floating Camera Mode. Everything is fine except you crash as soon as your game tries to save (thus the cell changes causing it, like doors and the like: Autosave crashes you.)

The simple fix is to always end Floating Camera mode before the sex is finished. This is truly obnoxious for me, since non-floating camera mode gives a really crappy perspective, and immersive first person mode is really only useful for some animations in some circumstances (Playing a female character being taken by a bear? Nice view of the floor you have there.)

I've had to turn off Auto Staging for now to guarentee I never screw up, since my game takes forever to boot up after a crash. I always quicksave before an expected sexual encounter, as well - but this isn't as feasible for folks who run mods where they could be having sex at any moment unpredictably.

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It is not really a bug but a limitation of the sexlab engine. Ashal has done wonders in getting around it, and other mods also offer workarounds, especially demack's customizable camera mod, which offers an alternative to tfc. No perfect solutions yet, and I share your view that tfc is still the best camera--or would be but for the

CTDs and loss of player's facial expressions. Still, let's be grateful for what we have. There are some great modders out there and things will likely improve.

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