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Revealing Armor (Request)


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Bit of a request. Does anyone know of any really revealing armor mods, primarily for females (males would be nice too)? I mean armor, not just clothes. So I can wear it and still fight, and whatnot. I mean -really- revealing, down to just pasties pretty much, heh.


Anything more revealing than normal armor is welcome, though normal armor replacers that are super skimpy are also welcome.


Before you ask, I already HAVE Colourwheel's Sexy Stock Armor replaces, and the Shivering Isles one too. I'm looking for more.


Thanks for any input you can provide.


Again, armor. I want it to protect me in combat.

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Did you try your hands with the TESCS already? If so, you should easily be able to convert some skimpy clothing to armour.

My favourite very revealing armors are:

-Crystal clear glass armor: Again, needs some knowledge of the TESCS and Nifskope;

- Forbidden armor;

- Brid Fetish Girl.


You should easily be able to find them on Nexus.

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Learning how to use blender to cut down armors to make them skimpy isn't that hard.


You can use this guide, and go from there.



You don't really need any experience with blender or 3d modeling to do it. All you really do is click on something, and hit delete.


If you get more experience with blender you can change armors to fit different body sizes, which is awesome. I am always finding the best armor I like, but it is always in a body type I don't like (I don't like nuclear boobs, for example :P).

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Yup, that's basically what I was looking for. =D Perfect, thank you. I use HGEC variants mainly, so this will work with my frame without copious reinstalling of DMRA material. I tried to get the new DMRA wardrobe to work and just got blank textures. Heh. Thank you.

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