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Need help related to Vampire Feeding and Cure for the Vampirism


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Hello everyone, I am having this issue for long long time..

My main player is a vampire, people attack me where ever I go. I don't get the feed option when i am in sneak mod but only a pick pocket option(i tried it on sleeping people or by using the vampire seduction spell) .

When i use the Statue in the shrine of talos to cure the vampirism, it doesn't get cured. To be able to walk in the sun i am using a mod now but I couldn't find any mod for the people attacking me everywhere i go. Also most of the vampires think that i am not a vampire which means I am having some kind of a bug or glitch.

I don't want to start a new game, so is there a way or a mod to make my player into a human again or for the people to stop attacking me because i can't feed and if i can't feed I can't go back to stage 1 from my current stage 4 and i can't cure the stage 4 vampire. Or is there a way to do something about this issue in CK?

I'll be grateful for help, Thanks... 

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