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Any help please

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why did your load order size is 67MB?

btw did you uninstalled Sound of Skyrim?


My load order is so large I guess due to the fact that I print screened it while it was open and then converted to .rtf. Sorry I am not currently using Wrye Bash. And yes I uninstalled Sounds of Skyrim. A friend (TDF) looked at it and suggested it was Schlongs of Skyrim that was causing the CTDs. I uninstalled SoS and now everything works fine. But I do miss SoS and wish to know if I had it installed wrong or what. In in game mod manager (MCM I think it is) I had 3 SoS mods. Not sure if this is what was doing it or not. Like I said before I am new to this and trying to figure it out.

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Try downloading and using Boss. It's pretty helpful overall and can point out errors and conflicts in a handful of mods.


Also, I've never had any problems with Schlongs of Skyrim, but I have had problems with Sounds of Skyrim. The trick there is both of their abbreviations are "S O S". So you might be having a problem with Sounds, not Schlongs. Like I said, give BOSS a go and see if anything comes up in error.


Boss Link - http://boss-developers.github.io/

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