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[Mod]BG3SX - Sex Framework

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BG3SX - Sex Framework

Custom sex animations & Framework for BG3 from:



Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LuneMods
Discord: https://discord.gg/vbP4EyCyRt


  • Fully custom animations
  • Solo & paired animations
  • Character matched voices for companions
  • 2 new spells; Masturbate & Ask for Sex
  • Facial Animations
  • Automatic stripping & redressing
  • Easily switch between animations during a scene
  • New animation IDs, so no overriding of existing animations

Lunes Sweaty Sex : Adds sweat effects to scenes

Fresh Installation Instructions:

  • Download & Install Norbyte's Baldur's Gate 3 Script Extender from here: https://github.com/Norbyte/bg3se/releases. If you are using the ModManager you can install it from there, but its better to always grab the newest version from github and add the DWrite.dll to your "Baldurs Gate 3/bin" folder.
  • Install BG3 Mod Manager (BG3MM): https://github.com/LaughingLeader/BG3ModManager
  • Download BG3 Sex Framework PAK.zip:
  • Install the AnimationFramework.pak file with BG3MM:

- Drag "BG3 Sex Framework PAK.zip" into BG3MM. It will appear in the panel on the right hand side.
- Drag 'AnimationFramework' from the right-hand side to the left-hand side of BG3MM. (1)
- Press the 'Save Load Order to File' button to save your mod load order, or just press 'ctrl + s' (2)
- Now press the 'Export Order to Game' button to deploy your mod load order to your game, or just press 'ctrl + e' (3)

Detailed Fresh Installation Instructions:
You need Norbytes Script Extender for this mod to function.
If you are using the ModManager you can install it from there, but its better to always grab the newest version from github and add the DWrite.dll to your Baldurs Gate 3/bin folder. There is also a version without an updater for those who experience problems with it saying that you have no internet:https://github.com/Norbyte/bg3se/issues/53

Drag the .pak into your ModManager.
In ModManager, drag the downloaded .pak of the mod to the left side to activate it.
If you have other mods, decide on your load order between them (Future sex mods you might want to load after the framework)
Now, let the ModManager actually create the load order file, called modsettings.lsx, by clicking "Export Order to Game"
Everything should now be installed correctly.

When you are in game, you should see a pink heart (Like the warlocks "Hex" spell). This action is called "Sex". It has melee range and you can choose between "Ask for Sex" and "Masturbation". Click "Ask for Sex" and then on another character you want to have sex with. After a quick black screen fadeout the scene will begin. After a second or two your action bar will be available again and you can choose between different positions or stop having sex entirely.


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Posted (edited)

It's weird to see a sex framework mod hosted on Nexus and not LoversLab. Not a bad thing though, just weird as it's simply different to what everyone is used to. 

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