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Problems with my character

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Hi. I installed the archives in the same order indicated, and the mod works correctly except for one thing:  



This happens when i start the animations. The female bodies are ok but the males are the problem. Also i have the required game versions, and i deactivated other mods but this still happens. What can i do to fix this? 

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You have installed a Mod with a skeleton after you installed LAPF and this overwrote the LAPF skeletons.

A Skeleton with BBB can handle the female body with bouncing breast but not the LAPF male body with animated penis that is used during sex.

You have to install the LAPF skeleton again.


Or you still have the LAPF skeleton  but your archive invalidate does not work and your game still use the original skeleton from the packed Oblivion bsa file.

Then you should install SkyBSA ( a OBSE plugin )


The LAPF Skeleton and link to SkyBSA you find here


scroll down to

 Penis/Breast stretching  ( BBB Mods and/or LAPF)  in the spoiler.


! ! !  If you install more Mods always unpack first and check if there are skletons in the file ( in folder meshes\characters\_male  and meshes\characters\_1stPerson ) Delete the skeletons before you install the Mod. Or don't let the Mod overwrite any files in your game.  Only the LAPF skeleton (with penis and butt bones) works with the LAPF lowerbodies.


Only  other very stupid solution is to replace the LAPF lowerbodies with a Lowerbody without penis bones by using the LAPF body settings. Of course a lowerbody without penis bones can not stretch if you use a skeleton without penis bones. But then of course the animation of the penis during sex doesn't work. So NEVER change the "Penis Display settings" in the LAPF menu.


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