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A complication of majority of UE 4 and a bit of 5 once the tools have been update for support.


The categories available are

  • Asset Editors, Parsers & Explorers - allows you to check what are the contents in the pak files and provide the ability to choose what mod you want.
  • Pak file unpackers and repackers - Necessary to even start UE modding in the first place
  • Textures, Animations & Modelling - The common and large portion of modding as you are editing files and not making entirely new systems that will affect the game more than a simple model or texture swap.

    and much more that I can't list because it will make this post too long and uninteresting :) 
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Unreal Tutorials that I have come across which help contextualize UE4 modding and to a certain extent UE5 modding
1. UE Mesh & Texture modding - applied to Remnant: From the Ashes

^ Video's Timestamps
00:00 Intro
0:22 Prerequisites
1:05 Tool Downloads
1:28 Unreal 4 Download
2:06 Unpacking Remnant's Assets
2:48 Grabbing a weapon's mesh/textures
4:07 Blender addon download
4:54 Editing mesh
6:13 Root Bone Fix
6:20 Bones are too Small Fix
7:00 Exporting Mesh
7:24 Importing Mesh into Unreal 4
8:22 Packing Project
8:39 Making Mod Pak File
9:20 Testing the Pak
9:41 Texture Modification
9:49 Importing Texture into Unreal 4
10:09 Redo the Packing Process
10:20 Outro

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I don't mean to grammar nazi. And if you check my post history you will see that I never do.

English is not my native language, so who am I to 'grammarnazi'.


But this title is really confusing. I thought there was some new development in UE modding that complicated things, so as general gesture of good faith and help I offer the following information to you:


Complication - When a matter arises that complicates things.

Compilation - When you put together (compile) a set of good things.

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