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Importing Oblivion Armors - Sort Of


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Ok, so there are a few armors made for Oblivion that are really awesome that I would like to see in Skyrim, but as we know simply importing them gives you some weird results like elongated neck and arms. I tried to look for some ways to do some slight tweaking to the armors to make them match the Astrid body and this is what I came upon.




So I guess my question is, can this method be used to adapt the existing armors the the shape of the Astrid body, or maybe even 2pac/Thors body? And if not, is there any way to port some of the armors to match the bodies general shape, but leave them unchanged for the most part?

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It can be done... Any modder will tell you those are the exact words that feed them and drives them to create the next big thing. I would assume the process wouldn't be entirely different than adding the oblivion meshes to blender and "morphing" them fit said body. Just like they do to make anhgec armor fit properly to the DMRA body. Obviously there is a few extra steps required to get them right for Skyrim due to the new nodes and used for skyrim, but I'm sure once all the tools are available to amazing bunch of modders that seem to flock to TES series games, all the cool armors will strat popping up for skyrim.

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Ohh, that's a relief. Hopefully someone will start a conversion project or something in January. I would do it myself, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to blender.


Are there any tutorials or resources available on how to morph existing armor meshes to new bodies? (aside from the link I put because it's too complicated for me, I'm slow, haha)

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If you're saying can armors be adapted to match bodies in general (ie. like in Oblivion) then yes, I've done it myself. One time, I was attempting to utilize "Fire Armor (Upper)" in conjunction with "Trish Pants (Black)," but the skin on Trish Pants did not extend properly to the bottom of my Fire Armor. This is because both pieces of clothing were meant with different bodies in mind, so they did not meet properly. I simply imported Fire Armor Upper and Trish Pants into Blender, stretched the skin on Trish Pants to meet Fire Armor Upper, deleted Fire Armor Upper (since it's only for my reference), and voila.


I had a similar issue conforming ColourWheel's Tifa Armor Upper to conform to HGEC body (see link). Colourwheel apparently likes small breasts... I DO NOT! I had to remedy this! Keep in mind, at the time of the link I was a total nifskope and Blender noob, so if I could figure it out, anyone could.


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Awesome, thanks for the reference Remedy!

Although, I'm not just talking about Oblivion bodies. What I really want to do is convert some previous armors to fit either Thor & 2pacs body or Caliente's, but even after I got them to the proper size, I wouldn't know what to do with them, hahaa.

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I wonder if it would be possible to make an import tool. In principle we have two mesh geometries, so it should be possible to create a mapping from one to the other, and then apply the same mapping to oblivion armours.


Not sure what this would do to extrusions on the garment, normal maps, textures and so forth, but a general case solution could mean a lot of transferred stuff with minimal effort.


Just a thought, anyway.

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Ok, I think I have a better way to state my question. I'll use the Eisen Platte armor as an example, since it's already been imported. Refer to the image attached.




From left to right, the first model is Calientes body (ignore that), the middle is the skyrim version of Eisen Platte, and the far right is the original Eisen Platte armor from Oblivion.


My question is, how did he convert #1 to #2? (i.e. what method?)

Using that method, can we change things such as removing the elongated neck and arms?

And, can someone make a guide or video or something on how he did it?


I'm really noobish when it comes to blender, but like I said earlier, I really want to convert some of the better armors from Oblivion to Skyrim.






That's an awesome idea Doc. If there is a way to make an importer tool of sorts, that would be the best thing since sliced bread! It would probably take some time to create, but in the end it would save TONS of time, considering all the amazing armor and clothes mods made for Oblivion.


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He just grabbed the single meshes that cover the armos and rotated them to fit the arms of the other body.


This is rly not hard to do, and I promise to convert most of the armors from my Thread (sig) to Skyrim, once there is a final and released body mod that I like (shouldn't differ too much from current DMRA Body), but it requires the CK to get them easily into the Game.

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