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Tips on Body Hair Texturing?


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Alright... this is probably gonna be the dirtiest modding task I'll ever get to in a more serious way...

But as I was making a few tweakings, upgrades and resource culling for the perfect race overhaul I need to ask



Any decent race overhaul should always consider good textures in it... this project started by looking at Amnes race overhaul at nexus... I wanted to use head06 for all human races... then I complained about the ugly neck seam visible in all your characters and another thread was born, ultimately leading to the creation of some files by Junkacc that improve the effect greatly.

It has taken a little while but now the final base textures I was making based on Junkacc's resources are done... I retextured them and now I have other "colored" races (Dark Elf, Orc etc..) almost ready


Which leads me to the present matter: body hair

I already managed to solve that problem for Robert's Male textures, so I have a few male textures with and without hair


I was thinking the matter of body hair in terms of lore and what feels right...


For example I think more warrior-oriented races should have a more animalistic genetic approach... like greater muscle mass and more body hair while magic folk should give an aspect of more "innocence" for lack of a better word

Like I said I solved the problem for males

But for females it turns out I have a shaved pubic hair version for all, when at least a few should have some




It is only my opinion but I think a woman with a hairless pubic region is either a fairy tale model of princess-like purity who actually does not grow any hair (or a supermodel) or someone who cares about sex enough to have it shaved periodically (could be a porn star.. or just someone who likes sex or showing themselves)

But more regular folk... specially in medieval lore didn't give a damn about it and were left all natural in that subject... if you know what I mean


So the final plan is to make the races which are more warrior-like, more hairy. Added examples "WARNING: ADULT EXPLICIT MATERIAL 18+" (Like anybody cares...  :s )

-Orcs and Redguards: hairiest of them all (not that hairy really... but hairy enough)




-Nords and Bretons: only some light hair, Bretons should be the less hairy ones among human races




-Imperials: average




-Elven races: being fae-ish creatures, closer to magic than animal side, elves should be left hairless






The problem is I didn't like the options given by the few resources out there...it's not the idea I had so I wanted to try on my own to make it

Unfortunately, there aren't many photoshop tutorials on this matter...

It's not like any serious site is gonna give you a photoshop tutorial on creating pubic hair

So anybody knows how can one do this?

REQUEST: tips or tutorials on drawing realistic pubic hair according to the specifications (Pleease??)


The original HGEC High-Res  mod had a ffew options but as I recall, no resource available... besides I also recall I didn't entirely like the results

But someone must have known how to do it right? because someone did


Gosh... I feel so dirty right now XD

There's a pervert side to everyone, and in order to progress, this must be accepted...

What better place than LL to do it!!  :D

Ultimately it's for a good cause

Maintaining things lore-friendly and giving some realism 


I'm sorry for the long post

But it's the only way of being OK with myself  :lol:

I'm of a more romantic nature... I don't like to look upon sex matters as just a couple of dogs fucking... It entirely kills the mood for me

I feel dirty as a used condom...

Eventually I'll get over it  :lol:

On this enterprise it is needed to get down and dirty if results are gonna be perfect!!







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Fear not.  No judgment shall be passed upon you in here.  Every single one of us has things to hide from the general public....those of us who visit this site are just a tad braver about making their preferences known.


That said, I would also like to get my hands upon such a tutorial.  Oh, and your 1st and 4th example pics aren't working.

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Thks... I know LL is understanding in terms of that

Still feel dirty tough  :lol:


Changed links to other ones, hope these ones work


Add: Forgot to clarify that I named this "Body Hair" because I'm actually looking for actual tips and/or tutorials on body hair

This could be useful also for other hair like chest body hair that looks very manly on masculine men for example... but like I said I already came up with another solution for my present project for that matter so even when other types of hair in other parts of the body are not currently an issue, it could still be useful.

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Personally, if I was to create pubic hair (though I prefer the shaved porn star look for my characters as this is what they are to me after all) I wouldn't draw the hair. The most photorealistic effect you will get by using, well, photos. Search for high quality resource pictures of pubic areas (on 'pussyhairdotcom'?) and paste them into the textures. Experiment with layer modes and adjust brightness and contrast until the pasted elements blend in perfectly with the textures underneath. For Orcs and Dunmer you will also need to change the skin tone/colour accordingly.


But I think this will look more natural compared to drawn hair. If you absolutely want to go for a drawn style/appearance you could apply a painting or drawing filter after adjusting the photo material.


Though this certainly is not to your liking and unrelated to pubic hair, please allow me to show you these effect skins I made using photo resources:






I've always been disappointed with the available shaders for this particular effect and now use these custom skins instead.

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OMG that's a new achievement!

Now I feel even dirtier for just looking at that! LOL


Of course that's a possibility... looking into real shots and using them...

The reason why I was thinking of drawing it is because

1) I wanted the results organized as overlapping layers, so that anytime one wants to use the different styles one could choose and they all fit the same base texture

2) I actually found a tutorial on beards... something about making random lines, then use them to make a custom brush, apply brush dynamics (specifically angle variation) and voila, you have a hairy brush... But it still not as perfect as it can be according to what I've seen


But for now... looking into real pictures

I guess this is the dirty deed that must be done next XD

Off I go




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for photoshop you need or to learn how to peint (personaly i can not peint without an intuos tablet)  or do as Poontank advice you.


Or you can always make and add a hairy mesh to each body in bodyset reloaded     even make underarms hair for male and female  and even create a mod that uses a real hair shaved mesh with 2 or 3 stages.

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