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Body mod vanilla skimpy/sexy coverage


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Hello everyone,

Every once in a while I pop-up with a few questions and idea's.
This time it's because i got found of a great body mod and after not playing for quite some time i found out that there was nearly no skimpy vanilla armors for this mod. :o


I know this is quite a trouble for everybody and for every body mod so i suggested and I'll be honest i first just wanted to get mods for sevenbase but what if we could make a thread with all mods covering each and every body mod for vanilla armors as there are allready enough for unique armors out there but few are those who help the ones that wants some vanilla on their sexy charracters.


So if you could post your favorite body mod and if possible as many for sevenbase that is skimpy/sexy and if I may be a bit demanding supports slong of skyrim and shows some female and/or male attributes on our ladies.

Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot for your entry. I didn't know myself of those last ones i presumed all were unique armors and didn't see those vanilla armors.
They di civer some armors that aren't covered by the sevenbase armor mod "link to that later if I still have internet".

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