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Annoying buzzing sounds


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I just installed a buncha mods from this site and now when I play oblivion the environmental sounds come out as annoying buzzes. If I pause the game I can hear the music just fine, and if I turn in precisely the right direction I can hear a particular sound correctly, but any sound I'm not facing becomes a glitchy hum.


Attached is my BOSS log so you can see what I have installed.


I noticed that when installing some of them, they overwrote files for others. Is that bad? Does it matter which one wins? Also BOSS tells me I need to "clean" my mods. Not sure what that means.

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It does matter on which wins as load order is quite important to a stable game.

I don't recommend cleaning official dlc files, rather get UOP fix these thing or leave them be.


As to the sound deal...puzzling.


Use obmm to post your actual load order (hit import\export and then view load order and copy it and paste it here.

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Mmm so the sound changes as you turn around... Did you check your speaker config like EAX etc?


Try to turn on/off EAX etc. Mess with your sound settings. Reinstall soundcard drivers and chipset.


You may have an environmental mod messing with that?

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