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Worthy Idea or Lost Cause?

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So for my next attempt at modding I'm going to go simple... though it may take FOREVER... (well simple in the fact only about 1/3 of it I can actually do).


I was looking for crowded cities mod when I came across one that I thought about downloading "The L World"... but WAY to many requirements. But for my full idea to work I'd need alot more knowledge and know how... so here it is.


Instead of the world just being full of Lesbians I was thinking Males don't exist (granted they don't in that mod), instead it's Females and Futanaris...


Simple part would be me just going in and changing all toons to Females like in "The L World" hard part would be figuring out how to randomize which NPCs are Female or Futanari. (Yes I have an obsession with Futanari, just Females with Futas though.)


So is this a worthy idea? or a Lost Cause?

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Lost cause... the only way I could turn all males into Futa is if someone took the time create the full body nif and textures for each race... I found 1 full body buy it was just a pose to show how it would look in game... the only other way I could pull that off is give each one the LoversFuta item. not to mention that for my stuff I have mixed matched complexion on all toons right now... damn you MBP!!


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Meh... I need an older version of MBP I guess' date=' missing Angelic Siren, Cute Elf, dark Siren, Dark Triton, Freckled Siren, Freckled Triton etc...


While I'm on the subject of mods... what does MegaOppaiCostumeset do? Can't read the readme it's in japanese.



Judging from the name, I think it's just a set of outfits/armors with giant honking boobs.

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Though this does bring up one question for me... how do I change the voice of a toon from male to female??? cause I have no idea, thought it would be as simple as going into dialog but don't see anything there that screams out to me. (For future ref.)


Yes it does... more specifically it adds costumes from Queens Blades... but beyond on that I have no clue what to do with the item that is auto put into your inventory. "MEGA sized boobs" just like in the anime. I don't know the toons off hand I've only seen a picture of the anime, never watched it, however one outfit looks like the girl with the rabbit ears...

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Ok question on my mixed match texture issue... It looks like I'm using High Rez Faces but not the High Rez Skin... any idea why I've installed both... so I hope, says it installed.


Ok yes it didn't install correctly... which means I've got a pain in the ass to fix... OMG.


Instead of installing the chosen settings... it installed EVERYTHING.

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TES4Edit is your answer.


In theory (because I have only done minor changes, not full npc conversions) you can us TES4Edit to easily change the file path the game uses for an npc's body, skin, eyes, etc...the only thing you'll need to use the construction set for is the face and voice.


Its still a lot of work for a full conversion. Especially with all the race mods you want. Perhaps start with base vanilla and work out from there? Good luck!

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Ah yes, another one, who have the same idea, but meets the troubles after the first steps.


Work first with the vanilla races, as Reigor posted it.


Second, try your hands on the armor then, after all, they will be not easy. (Tried myself and loosed because of unknown problems, that crashed the game.)


Third, just leave the man voices away, making them mute like in the L World mod.


Say, with what body mod are you working?


All in all: GOOD LUCK! Don´t give up easily, i´m counting on you. You have my full support. Make a dream come true!

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BBB for Futa Stock Clothing/Armor and Lovers for the nude portion... pain in the ass. Go in make Futa vesrions of EVERY item they wear (just droiping the Stock files in will change all armor so my work around... drop the files somewhere they won't then edit in the pieces I need to make clothing). Except there isn't a Futa replace meant for some items... this will just be trial and error till I get everything into place.

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Well, you'll need to crack open the Oblivion - Voices1.bsa and Oblivion - Voices2.bsa (in the oblivion\data folder) and pull out all the voices then delete the men and copy paste the women's voices where the men's were. Then you could repack this back into bsa format or not depending on whether you are going to upload it somewhere.


Perhaps there is an easier way but if so I don't know it. :(

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ew... that's beyond me currently... wouldn't it be easier for a "patch"... something that overrides all female's with a voice pack?? Like how DMC_stylish did with the voices overs for fighting.


I just had a thought... (outside of voices) instead of "getpcsex", think that's right, couldn't a script be altered to "getitemcount" to check if a NPC or the PC is carring one of the Lovers Futanari items?


Follow me on this cause I'm not good at writing scripts...

Female NPC Example.

Normal-> If( GetPCsex == 0, Male) say "Hey there handsome looking for a ride?"


Altered -> If( GetItemcount.LoversFutanari == 0, Futa) say "You must be a futa, wanna take me on a ride?"


Cheesey yes but you get the idea. I hope.

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Hmmm... Well. I might just make this as a concept design (same as my Player Slave Master)... there is a couple of issues that I can't get past.


A. There are no meshes in the files I'm using for Named Gear such as the guards cuirass, blades cuirass, etc... anything belonging within a faction I can't change.


B. The voice issue previously mentioned in this thread.


C. Less obvious things like a futa being futa raped by a female. Unless someone has a full working futa skeleton, that I could use as a replacement for males. However this would lead to Male faces.


D. Is simply time I'd have to make ALOT of changes such as taking away pieces of armor making a version with the same effects but a different piece of armor. Ex. Seeing Leather armor with full stats instead of Brotherhood.


E. Equipable vs Nonequipable this is a damned if I do damned if I don't issue. What I mean by this is if I make the items equipable then you could have a female PC running around looking like a futa even though you play like a female. On the flip side if that's what you want and I make it nonequipable... out of luck.


I'll at least make an attempt at this concept mod.

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Short Version... someone WAY more skilled at scripting, blender, and TES could make this possible... me on the other hand...


Ran into a dead wall on this project... Making a 100% futanari has issues with the way lovers works. I can do it... but all futa's will have 2 dicks (during sex)... one boner one limp. Also, in order to do that I'd have to use up the amulet slot for all futa's (thus making them futa upon death).


I've thought about trying my hand at Nifscope but same problem as above would occur (again due to how Lovers works).


now that I know how edit races I'm thinking I could edit the male races into females... not 100% sure that would even solve the problem seeing as that's based on textures and would count in Lovers as 100% male.


The other small problem I've got is this... lets say that the Lovers Futa Cock is a size small, then the meshes I'm using for armor/clothes would count as Large. (along with a few texture miss matches I'm dealing with)


Ugh... one other problem just dawned on me... Tamago... males would still be born into the world... grrr....

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Only other way I can think of is re-writing Oblivion/Lovers to add a Third Gender (Futa) and re-writing Tamago editing out Males and editing in Futa. Not to mention all the extra meshes that would need to be created in order for this to expand past Vanilla IE my current project doesn't effect SI or Knights.


Alot of which I have no clue how to do...


Lovers with Pk Futa and Female only Edition, might be impossible.

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