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I don't understand bodies...


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Having played about 600 hours in Skyrim with 60 something mods installed I thought that If were to suddenly jump into Oblivion (which I don't own just yet.) I thought I would be able to just find the mods I need and go.


I've seen a few of the other "What Mods should I get" threads but people didn't suggest bodies. I looked around and I guess I decided on the DMRA body. But I cant find it anywhere, I see armor replacers and conversions but where is the base body?


Does it not work like Skyrim where you get the nude body, then find armors that fit it?


I'm just super confused.

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It does in fact work the same way.


There are a ton of DMRA variants over at the Nexus.  This one is perhaps one of the best in that it includes several types and all are BBB (better bouncing breasts) ready.



Ah I see, Thank you. I guess it was all the variants that was confusing me. Alright, so all I got to do is get an armor replacer for the bodies and I think I can figure the rest out.


Thanks again.

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