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A question about bodies


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I recently did a fresh install of Oblivion with Shivering Isles and saw this mod and thought it looked intriguing. I now have it installed but I think I'm having issues with textures. The female characters have nipples and breasts and all but they don't seem to have any textures with no colours on the nipples or the areola instead the breasts are all just skin coloured. I browsed around a bit and couldn't find a solution to my issue. I have done Archive Invalidation (both via the Invalidated mod on the Nexus and through OBMM) and I'm running it through OBSE. Also my character (an Imperial) seems to be stuck in vanilla underwear with no new body or anything. Was I meant to install a body mod? Thank you for any help with this issue

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you might check at 'set body reloaded'   you will get different body type to choose   and for the textures go to nexus site pic up textures package     than put all in data file and archive invalidated     you have also all kind of vanilla to DRMA overall to investigate.

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