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[REQ] Alma Wade

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I posted this request on Nexus to no avail and attempted to tackle it myself despite my lack of knowledge. I got the mesh to show up perfectly in Nifskope and then ran into other problems. [x

CK gave me an error on the Diffuse map, saying it wasn't present.

Suddenly disappeared from Nifskope, that sort of thing.

I'm still toying around with everything, learning more as I go along..

Figuring out where I went wrong and stuff,

Attached is some files; .obj, three seperate dds for body hair and head, .mtl and ao maps in .tga.


I don't know anything about rigging really.
If someone is willing to make this for me or point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.
Looking to make her into a standalone playable race.
If you do end up doing so, I wouldn't say no to compensating you for your time if needed/wanted.
Just ask me first.


Thanks for hearing me out. ^.^


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