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Who doesn't love a good cry? Now you can attach this tears mesh to slaves, rape victims and emo heroines. All to better enjo..., erm, sympathize with their plight :angel: .


Note: This is a hackjob. It's a decal that is placed in front of the face, so it will mostly work well on characters with normal head size that are facing towards you. Ideally I would like to have a mesh that follows the individual deformations of the head mesh for different characters. If anyone has an idea of how to achieve hat I would be very grateful.


Update: Yay! Found out how to make .egm files to follow face shapes. Still haven't figured out how to make the mesh follow facial expressions though. Worried that I will have to use this:


Looks a bit daunting.



The Conformulator by scanti


Use to make meshes for non-imperial heads.


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Yes, I have been suggested such an effect before. I have not learned how to make effects yet though and I would like such an effect as a complementary thing anyway:


Something bad happens: Tears as a 3d effect for a short while.


After something bad has happened: A wet decal like this one.

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you just invented resources for facial make ups :lol:

it's not easy to work on something like these but emily use to made ones for the sims.2

Like the sims.2 make up, we can make scars, bukkake, bloody lips, bruises and tears.


Let's see if she can make one for oblivion.

To apply liquid you must add highlight property on the texture. it makes them glow and reflect the environmental lights.

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To apply liquid you must add highlight property on the texture. it makes them glow and reflect the environmental lights.


Ah, thanks Emily! That highlight setting makes it a lot better and I can make a version without mascara that still is visible. :)



the problem with the mascara is that not every head model fit into it, sometimes there were space between them.

sometimes they clip together. But that's depend on each own complexion.

Yes, as I mentioned, this is just a mask in front of the face, so it may need to be repositioned on an individual basis. If I could make a mesh that follows the shape of the head automatically it would be a lot better. No idea how though :/



It seems this is gonna wake people sadistic fetishes... :angel: 



Sadistic fetishes in a community where the most popular mods are about rape and sexual slavery? Say it ain't so.... :lol:

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just a suggestion (i have never done this)   you could add the mask to the head.nif directly and it will scale with any head size.

Adding things to headhuman.nif doesn't seem to do anyting unfortunately. Is there another mesh I would  have to unpack from the original bsa? In either case this solution would give me tears on everyone, which isn't what I intended.

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Interest idea... there is a mod that when it rains it adds the effect of wanter dripping down the face and entire body of the character and npcs. I think this will work for for you unless I am mistaken with what you are asking for in your original post. I'll have to look for the mod though but it does follow the conture of the face and body.


Edit: Found it, it's called "Get Wet"... go figure http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=oblivionmods.detail&id=2777

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Mmmm :)  Have fun raping those faces, Emily!



Do you know if that kind of effect can be limited to just the face? I think the lovers bukkake effect does the same but it covers the whole body. 


My current build does not include lovers anymore and I don't remember the bukkake effect and it is not something I would ever be interested in. Now a squirting effect would be amusing if you feel my vibe *wink*


Can it be limited to the face?  I am not sure if it could be limited to just the eye and cheeks but lets find out. I haven't used this mod in years but it never hurts to try.

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Mumin. Here is the facial texture.

Emily can't figure it out how to make the alpha to make it work on the game, not even it shows up the cs.

It's very crude texturing without actual 3d visual on both game and CS.


Hope you can make apply this texture to tear mesh.



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Isn't the alpha already properly defined? It was just to save your texture as a dds and make a new normalmap for me, see attachment. (Photoshop perhaps have some more complicated scheme than Gimp for saving dds files?)


I really wish I understood how the facial animations work though. The sperm around the mouth looks bad when the character talks because it becomes very obvious that the mask doesn't move with the mouth :(



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