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Small Rats


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Normally, all mod use the same meshes (only different textures path if they add new rats)

The size of the rats is est in the esp/esm.

Open the Oblivion Overhaul esp (CS or Tes4Edit), select creatures-rats and change the scale.

Vanilla Oblivion rats have scale 1

post-3205-0-31231300-1376334688_thumb.jpg Tes4Edit (german Oblivion)

post-3205-0-33340700-1376336011_thumb.jpg CS


I do not use Oblivion Overhaul so I do not know if there are cell and world-space changes. You can change the scale of a rat in a cell/world-space, but normally there are only spawn Points and they use the creatures/rats of the creatures Folder.

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