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stormcloak cuirass missing texture


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i got a clothing replacer up and running, and all the armors look fine in game, except for the stormcloaks, its missing a texture. when i open up tes5edit, the only plugin that has an entry for said armor is the base skyrim.esm, so its not a plugin conflict changing textures or anything, and i even tried installing a retex of the armor to get back the missing texture, no luck.

tried a different clothing replacer, and it was also missing the same texture.


ill attach a screenshot of it, anyone have any clue what could be causing just one texture out of the whole outfit to just up and vanish? the armor replacer doesnt come with any textures at all, it just uses vanilla skyrims, and i dont have any textures for this armor in the tex folder, so it should be looking at the skyrim bsa for it, but its not for whatever reason



i forgot to mention, the problem is on female armor only, the male default looks fine


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i opened it up in nifskope, dont really use that program much so i dont know what you mean by checking texture paths, but it seems anything labeled chainmail is missing its texture in game on that outfit

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In nifskope, look for the BSLightingShaderProperty of the pieces where the texture is missing. Expand that and there will be a BSShaderTextureSet that holds the texture paths for that mesh. Expand the field that says "Textures" (should be in the window below) and that will show you the paths where that piece looks for the textures it needs.

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ok found that, found the path, and got the chain files in place, they show up now, turns out i didn't have chanmail tex files in the location this mod wanted them, you would think mod makers would place textures where they need to be when they release something, guess not.


thanks for the help, now i know how to fix that shit in the future

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